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Chapter 17 Geography

Navigable Deep and wide enough to allow ships to pass. The Vermilion River is not navigable.
Hub a central point of concentrated activity and influence. Madrid is the hub of Spain.
Renaissance a period of time when a renewed interest or rebirth of something occurs. There was a renaissance in Europe between the 14th and 17th centuries.
Tsunami giant sea waves. Tsunamis can have waves as tall as tall buildings
Dry Farming a farming technique that leaves land unplanted every few years in order to gather moisture. Dry farming can grow wheat or barley.
Seismic Activity somewhere where there are many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The Apennine Mountains experience seismic activity.
Graben areas of land that have dropped down between faults. The Aegean Sea to the east of the Greek mainland occupies a graben.
Plume a cluster of distinctive feathers usually used for clothing. The man had an ornamental plume clothed around his head and neck.
Sirocco hot, dry winds from northern Africa. Siroccos occur in parts of southeastern Spain.
Subsidence a geological phenomenon in which the ground in an area sinks. Venice faces problems of subsidence.
Inhabitable suitable to live in or habitable. Anything near a nuclear test site is not inhabitable.
Columnar Rocks Hexagonal rocks formed from lava. As lava cools to form basalt, it may crack into a hexagonal or other shape and form columns.
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