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Chap 17 Study stack

Study stack for Chap 17

Navigable able to be sailed on by ships or boats
Hub the effective center of an activity, region, or network
Renaissance a revival of or renewed interest in something
Tsunami a long high sea wave caused by an earthquake, submarine landslide, or other disturbance
Dry Farming a method of farming in semiarid areas without the aid of irrigation, using drought-resistant crops and conserving moisture
Seismic Activity the types, frequency and size
Graben an elongated block of the earth's crust lying between two faults and displaced downward relative to the blocks on either side, as in a rift valley.
Plume a long, soft feather or arrangement of feathers used by a bird for display or worn by a person for ornament.
Sirocco a hot wind, often dusty or rainy, blowing from North Africa across the Mediterranean to southern Europe.
Subsidence the gradual caving in or sinking of an area of land.
Inhabitable suitable to live in; habitable.
Columnar Rocks rocks made of volcanic material formed into columns.
Created by: Anthony Centko