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geography chapter 17


Navigable -deep and wide enough to allow the passage of ships -The Guadalquivir river is navigable.
Hub -a central point of concentrated activity and influence -Madrid is a hub.
Renaissance -the revival of art, literature, and learning that took place in Europe during the fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth centuries -Florence is famous from the Renaissance.
Tsunami -a huge wave caused by primarily by a disturbance beneath the ocean, such as an earthquake or a volcanic eruption -Tsunamis come from the ocean.
Dry Farming -a farming technique that leaves land unplanted every few years in order to gather moisture -Farmers is Meseta use dry farming.
Seismic Activity -earthquakes and volcanic eruptions -Areas in California have seismic activity.
Graben -a long, narrow area that has dropped between two faults -Grabens happen along major faults.
Plume -a very hot spot in the earth's mantle -Plumes can take millions of years to form.
Sirocco -a hot, dry wind from northern Africa -Siroccos blow over southeastern Spain.
Subsidence -a geological phenomenon in which the ground in an area sinks -Venice has problems with pollution and subsidence.
Inhabitable -able to support permanent residents -To live somewhere it has to be inhabitable.
Columnar Rocks -volcanic rock that splits into columns as lava cooled -Columnar rocks could be a good present for geologists.
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