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CLB 8 - Stress Vocab

stress When you have problems and challenges that make you very worried. They can also make you physically sick.
to be stressed (out) This expression means the same as to “have stress”.
anxious Afraid or worried, especially about what may happen.
anxiety This is the noun for the adjective 'anxious'.
distracted This is when you have trouble concentrating or focusing.
cope with something To manage something that is hard or challenging.
chronic pain Pain that happens every day for a long time or pain that keeps coming back.
deal with Another way to say 'cope with' or 'handle'. To manage something or someone that is hard or challenging.
handle Another way to say 'cope with' or 'deal with'. To manage something or someone that is hard or challenging.
lose your temper This is an expression that means to 'get angry'.
insomnia This is a condition when you cannot fall asleep.
tense When you are nervous and not able to relax, your body feels this way.
tension This is the noun for the adjective "tense".
burned out (burnt out) When you are so exhausted you don't have any energy to do anything. This happens due to too much stress, often from being overworked.
under a lot of pressure When you feel stressed out, usually related to when you have to make an important decision or meet a deadline at work.
chill out This idiom, or expression, is another way to say "relax".
recharge your batteries When you relax to the degree that you feel you are full of energy again and can cope with work and other demands.
positive self-talk When you encourage yourself to cope with challenges and stressful situations. You tell yourself, “I can handle this! I can do this!”
self-care Making sure you take time to take care of yourself so you can cope with stress. This involves doing things that help you relax and stay physically and mentally healthy.
juggle too many things When you feel like you have to deal with too many stressful things at one time. It’s hard to keep a balance in your life.
depressed Feeling very sad and hopeless for a long time.
depression This is the noun form for the adjective "depressed".
concentrate Another way to say "focus" or pay attention to something.
calm Have a quiet, peaceful state of mind.
feel blue When you have a general feeling of sadness.
exhausting This is when something (a situation) or someone makes you feel exhausted or very tired.
exhausted Feeling extremely tired.
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