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IT: Pronomial Assn's

Pronomial Associations: From Mastering Italian Vocabulary: A Thematic Approach

andarsene to go away
capirci to understand something about it
cavarsela Come va il lavoro? -Me la cavo bene, grazie. to get off; to get out of a thing How's the work going? -I'm managing nicely, thanks.
darsi da fare Datti un po' da fare! to exert oneself; to become active; to try to think of something Exert yourself a little!
darsi delle arie Why is Clara putting on such airs? to give oneself airs Perché Clara si dà tutte quelle airie?
entrarci Non prederte con Clara, lei non c'entra niente. E allora chi c'entra, scusa? to have to do with; to be a factor Don't be annoyed with Clara, she had nothing to do with it. Then who does, if you'll excuse me?
farcela Se proviamo ancora, ce la facciamo. to manage it, to make it, to do it If we try again, we'll make it.
farsi vivo/a, farsi sentire Ci faremo vivi/sentire appena avremo un po' di tempo. to report; to let oneself be heard from We'll let you hear from us as soon as we have a little time.
finirla Pensavamo proprio che tu non la finissi più di dormire. to stop it We really never thought that you would never stop sleeping.
mettercela tutta Nicola dice che ce l'ha messa tutta, ma non ce l'ha fatta lo stesso. to spare no effort; to do one's utmost Nicola says that he did his utmost, but he still didn't make it.
mettercisi Ti ci metti anche tu adeso, non bastavano gil altri?! Se me ci metto io, faccio tutto in cinque minuti. to trouble about it; to set about it Now you're getting into it too! Weren't the others enough? If I set about it, I'll finish it in five minutes.
predersela Non predertela, sono sicuro che lui non voleva offenderti. to be annoyed; to be offended Don't be annoyed; I'm sure that he didn't want to offend you.
tenerci Se voi ci tenete tanto, allora vi accompagneremo. to place importance on If you place such importance on it, I'll come with you.
sentirsela Mi dispiace, ma non me la sento di andare a ballare stasera. to feel like I'm sorry, but I don't feel like going dancing this evening.
smetterla Smettila, per favore! to stop, to cease Stop it, please!
farne Ne ha fatte di tutti i colori, ma ha sempre avuto fortuna. to be up to, to get into things He got into the most unbelievable things, but he was always lucky.
ripensarci to think it over; to change one's mind
mi sa che... it seems to me...
passarla liscia Puoi essere contento, l'hai passata liscia anche questa volta. to escape unscathed You can be glad; you escaped unscathed this time too.
darla a bere A chi vuoi darla a bere? to pull someone's leg Whose leg do you want to pull?
darsela a gambe Appena è arrivata la polizia, il ladro se l'è data a gambe. to take to one's heels As soon as the police came, the thief took to his heels.
saperla lunga Eh, tu la sai lunga, lo so! to know a thing or two; to be cute Yes, I know you know a thing or two!
raccomandarsi Mi raccomando, state attenti! to implore, to entreat I implore you, be careful!
Created by: PilarDLS