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IT: Structural Words

Structural Words: From Mastering Italian Vocabulary: A Thematic Approach

anziché instead; rather than
ció it; this; that
stesso/a same; self; very
che who; whom; that; which; what
il quale, la quale which; what; who; some
cui whom; which; whose; of which. A substitute for "il quale" or "la quale".
chi who; whom
(che) cosa? What? What did you say?
Che? What? What kind of?
quale which; what; who
qualcosa something, anything
qualcuno/a someone; anyone; something
ognuno/a everyone; everybody; each one
ciascuno/a everyone; everybody; every one
qualche some; a few; any
qualsiasi whichever; whatever; any
chiunque whoever; anybody
qualunque whatever; whichever; every; each
certo/a certain
tale/tali such
altro/a another; something else
affinché so that
a meno che unless
appena as soon as; scarcely
benché although
che that
considerato che considering that
dato che seeing that; since
dopo che after
finché till, until; as long as; while
in modo che so that; in such a way that
ma but
mentre while
o or
oppure or; or else
perché because, for, in order that
però however, yet, but
poiché since, after; because
prima che before
quando when; whenever
se if, whether; suppose
sia...che Ne abbiamo parlato sia con lui che con lei. both...and We talked about it with both him and with her.
a patto che provided that
nonché as well as
purché Ti accompagno, purché si faccia presto. if only; provided that I'm coming with you, provided that it goes quickly.
sebbene although
senza che without
siccome Siccome eravamo in sei, abbiamo preso due macchine. as, for, since (use at beginning of sentence) Since there were six of us, we took two cars.
visto che since, because
questo/a; questi, queste this; these
quello/a, quell'; quei, quelle, quegli that; those
Created by: PilarDLS