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Unit 13 / 7th Grade

Extremely serious; critical. grave
The often bright zone of burning gases and fine suspended particles that forms as a result of a fire flame
Something that prevents; a hindrance. prevention
Human beings in general; humankind. humanity
Done, made, or capable of operating within very small limits of error or variation. precise
Appreciation or thankfulness, as for something received or kindness shown. gratitude
A person who competes or takes part in sports. athlete
The basic unit of length in the metric system, equal to 39.37 inches. meter
Kind; compassionate; merciful. humane
As much as is needed; enough; adequate. sufficient
An instrument in which the light reflected from or projected through a tiny object is passed through a combination of lenses so as to produce a magnified image of the object that is large enough to be seen and studied. microscope
To set fire to or catch fire. ignite
Seriousness; importance. gravity
The act or process of revising. revision
To obstruct or slow down; block. impede
Physically strong; muscular. athletic
Easy to set fire to and capable of burning very rapidly. flammable
Of, involving, or using the International System of Units. metric
To meet present needs; be sufficient. suffice
The condition, property, or quality of being precise, or exact. precision
An electrical system that provides the spark that ignites the fuel mixture of an internal-combustion engine. ignition
To edit in order to improve or bring up to date. revise
Appreciative; thankful. grateful
Very small; minute. microscopic
A hindrance; obstruction. impediment
Created by: chanair19
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