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Unit 8A / 5th Grade

A very tiny organism that can cause disease. germ
To look intently, closely, or with difficulty. peer
Something that is dim or hard to see. blur
To mix by using repeated circular motions. stir
To direct the course of or guide. steer
A cell or tissue that carries messages from the brain to the rest of the body. nerve
Coming or happening before the usual or expected time. early
To cover or spread with a sticky or greasy substance. smear
A dry feeling in the mouth related to the need to drink. thirst
The area or direction closest to or at the back. rear
A platform that extends into water, serving as a landing place for boats. pier
A period of time, especially one with definite limits. term
A smooth, rounded, white or grayish growth formed inside the shells of oysters and used as a gem. pearl
To throw with a great force; fling. hurl
To twist about; wiggle. squirm
Strict or harsh; not tender. stern
Of poorer quality or condition. worse
To be damaged or injured by fire, heat or chemicals. burnt
To send out or be sent out in a thin, fast stream. squirt
Created by: chanair19