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Class/ suffix

Generic drug class/ suffixDefinition
Ace inhibitors "pril" = dilate blood vessels reducing hearts workload
Beta blockers "lol" slows heart rate reduce myocardial contractility
Calcium channel blockers " dipine" relax blood vessels increasing blood supplu & oxygen to heart
What are the blood pressure medication classes Ace inhibitors / Beta Blockers/ Calcium Channel blockers
What are the diuretic classes Potassium sparing diuretics / Thiazide diuretics
Potassium sparing diuretics " actone" = increase fluid passed out by the kidneys
Thiazide diuretics " thiazide" commonly used for high BP , edema but causes loss of potassium
Erectile dysfunction "afil" cause direct coronary vasodilation, hypotension
What are ARBs blood pressure medications
What are ARBs suffix and use "sartan" relax the blood vessels from constriction
What are the cardiovascular generic drug classes Statins/ Thrombolytic / Anticoagulant
What are antilipidemic drugs "Statins reduce LDL cholesterol & cardiovascular disease
What are Thrombolytic drugs "ase" clot buster drugs
What are Anticoagulant drugs "arin" prevent blood coagulation or prolong clotting time
What are the antibiotic classes tetracycline's / aminoglycosides/ flouoroquinolones
What is tetracycline's suffix cycline
What is aminoglycosides suffix mycin
What is aminoglycosides suffix floxacin
What are antivirals suffix vir
What drugs treat intestinal issues? Antiemetic / Proton Pump inhibitors / H2 receptor antagonist (H2 blockers)
What are Antiemetic suffix and use azine = nausea & vomiting
What are Proton Pump inhibitors suffix and use prazole - anti-ulcer reduces gastric acid
What are H2 receptor antagonist (H2 blockers) suffix and use tidine - blocks action of histamine in the stomach
What are respiratory drugs bronchodilators / antihistamines
What are bronchodilators suffix and use terol - dilate bronchi & bronchioles deceasing airway resistance
What are antihistamines suffix and use ine - treats allergy symptoms
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