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word list: 46


tacit understood,not put into words
taciturn habitually silent,talking little
talisman charm
talon claw of bird
tantalize tease,torture with disappointment
tantamount eqivalent in effect or value
taper candle
tarry delay,dawdle
tawdry cheap and gaudy
tedium boredome,weariness
temerity boldness,rashness
temper moderate,tonedown,restrain
tempo speed of music
temporal not lasting foreever
temporize avoid committing oneself,gain time
tenacious holding fast,firmness
tendentious having an aim,biased
tender offer,extend
tenet doctrine,dogma
tenuous thin,rare,slim
tepid lukewarm
terse concise,abrupt,pithy
tesselated inlaid,mosaic
testator maker of will
testy irritable,short tempered
tether tie with a rope
thematic relating to an unifying motif or idea
theocracy govt.run by religious leaders
thespian pertaining to drama
thrall slave,bondage
threadbare worn through till the threads show
throes violent anguish
throng crowd
throttle strangle
thwart baffle,frustrate
tightwad excessive frugal person,miser
tiller handle used to move boat's rudder
timorous fearful
tipple drink frequently(alcoholic beverages)
tirade extended scolding
titanic gigantic
tithe tax of 1/10
titillae tickle
titter nervous laugh
titular having the title of an office without obligations
toady servile flatterer,yes man
toga roman out robe
tome large volume
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