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Pharmacology Terms

Pharmacology Terminology Revision

Adsorbant A substance that attracts gas or fluid to itself
Anabolism The building up or synthesis of cell structure from digested food material
Anaesthetic A drug causing reversible loss of sensation in part or the whole of the body
Analeptic A drug that stimulates the central nervous system
Antagonist A drug which inhibits the action of another drug or enzyme
Analgesic A drug possessing the property of pain relief
Anthelmintic A drug which kills and removes parasitic worms from the intestine of the host
Anticoagulant A drug which prevents blood from clotting
Antidote An agent which counteracts the effect of a poison
Antiemetic An anti-sickness drug
Antipyretic An agent which reduces fever
Antisialagogue An agent which reduces the quantity but increases the viscosity of saliva
Antitussive A cough suppressant
Astringent An agent which causes contraction of the tissues, thus checking secretions
Ataractic A tranquilliser; a drug which induces calm without causing drowsiness
Antivirals A drug which treats viral infection
Antibacterial A drug which treats bacterial infections
Antifungals A drug which treats and prevents fungal infections
Antimycotic A drug which treats and prevents fungal infections
Opioid An analgesic drug which acts on receptors in the peripheral and CNS to relieve pain and anxiety
Carminative A drug which reduces flatulence
Cathartic A laxative with a very strong bowel purging effect
Diuretic A drug which increases the excretion of water from the body
Cytotoxic A drug which destroys cells - used to treat cancer
Antineoplastic A drug which is used to treat a malignant disease or cancer
Corticosteroid A drug which lowers inflammation and reduces immune system activity
Anti-inflammatory A drug which reduces inflammation
Anti-epileptic A drug used to treat convulsions and seizures
Antihistamines An agent that relieves symptoms of allergies and allergic reactions
Emetic A vomit inducing drug
Laxative A drug that promotes gentle evacuation of the bowels
Miotic A drug that causes constriction of the pupils
Mydriatic A drug that causes dilation of the pupils
Oxytocic A drug that promotes uterine contraction
Prostaglandins Hormones with cardiac, gastric, respiratory and uterine effects
Purgative A very strong laxative used to purge the contents of the bowels
Sedative A calming agent often used as a premedicant drug
Toxoid A toxin deprived of its harmful properties capable of producing immunity
Tranquiliser A ataractic drug which calms the patient without causing drowsiness
Vaccine A suspension of killed or attenuated organisms administered for the prevention or treatment of infectious diseases
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