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Near Drowning

Near Drowning Ch42

How is drowning defined? suffocation and death as a result of submersion in liquid.
What is near drowning? situtation in which a victim survives a liquid submersion, at leat temporarily.
What is dry drowning? glottis spasms and prevents water from passing into the lungs.
What is wet drowning? glottis relaxes and allows water to flood the tracheobronchial tree and alveoli.
What is the response to a parasympathetic-mediated reflex. the bronchi constric.
What is the pathophysiologic responsible for? noncardiogenic pulmanary edema
What are the pathologic and structural changes in drowning? Laryngospasm and bronchial constrictionInterstitial edema,engorged perivascular and peribronchial spaces, alveolar walls, and interstitial spacesDec surfactantInc ST of alveolar fluidalveolar shrinkage and atelectasisfrothy white secretions
What are the clinical manifestations from drowning? Atelectasis, alveolar consolidation, increased alveolar-capillary membrane thickness and bronchospasm
What are the clinical data obtained with drowning? increased RR, stimulation of peripheral chemoreceptors, decreased lung compliance,increased ventilatory rate relationship, stimulation of J receptors and anxiety, increased HR BP and cardiac output
What will the chest assessment be for drowning? crackles and rhonchi
What will the blood gas be for drowning? Acute Ventilatory Failure with hypoxemia
What are the radiologic findings in drowning? Fluffy infiltrates and pneumothorax and pneumomediastinum
What is the patients prognosis if they have been submerged in cold water for less than 60 minutes? Does not indicate poor prognosis.
What is the primary goa during transport of a drowned patient? high-quality CPR with 100% oxygen.
What do most drowned patients suffer from? hypoxemia, hypercapnia, and acidosis.
Created by: ruesca