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Ch.14 Hormones Final

common RX steroid that is available as tab or solution Predisone
ONLY insulin that can be added to TPN Regular Insulin
EEN contraceptive PATCH OrthoEvra
EEE contraceptive; refrigerate until dispense; vaginal ring NuvaRing
synthetic human growth hormone Somatropin
levonorgestrel; OTC 18 ^; Pharmacist must be present Plan B
class of drugs that stimulate osteblasts to rebuild bones Bisphosphonates
suffix representing a class of EDD --afil
methylprednisolone 4mg, #21 tabs, start w/6 tabs& decrease each day for 6days; take as directed with food or milk Medrol Dospak
Glipizide Glucotrol
Levothyroxine Synthroid
Alendronate Fosamax
Metformin Glucophage
Insulin Lispro; fastest acting onset Humalog or Novalog
Slidinafil Viagra
Testerone gel; Schedule III Androderm or Androgel
Levonorgestrel (1 or 2 tabs in box) Plan B
Insulin Glargine; very long acting; injected once daily, at bedtime Lantus
drugs ending in -DRONATE Bisphosphonates
a patient that uses nitroglycerin patches or nitrostat 0.4mg tabs should NEVER take Sildenafil
Nuvaring is stored... in the refrigerator
Refrigeration temperature is defined as: 2C-8C
Ortho-Evra is... transdermal patch/applied&changed weekly/birthcontrol
Birthcontrol: 21 tabs contain a form of estrogen, 7 tabs in the 28-day packs are... placebo & iron
Estraderm is ... a transdermal patch
Femring is ... inserted and replaced every 3 months
Methylprednisolone Medrol
Dexamethasone Decadron
Triamcinolone Aristocort
Prednisone Deltasone
Hydrocortisone Cortef
Hydrocortisone Injection SoluCortef
Pertussis, Diphtheria & Tetanus Vaccine Adacel
Methylprednisolone Injection SoluMedrol
Which drug is the most commonly prescribed treatment for HYPOthyroidism? Levothyroxine
Synthroid or levothyroxine is available in... microgram tablets
Which drugs are used to treat HYPERthyroidism? Methamizole & Propylthiouracil
Which must be refrigerated? Epoiten (Epogen) & NuvaRing
Before administrating the flu vaccine, a patient must be asked if they are allergic to... Eggs
Which vaccination only lasts about 10 years? Tetanus
NuvaRing... must be replaced every 28 days
Glypizide Glucotrol
Insulin Glargine Lantus
Glimepiride Amaryl
Insulin Aspart Novalog
Insulin Lispro Humalog
Insuling Detemir Levimir
Glyburide Micronase/Glynase
Metformin Glucophage
Humalin R 30 minute onset
Lantus Long acting insulin
Humalog Ultrafast onset insulin
This oral antihypoglycemic must be taken 30min before meals Glucotrol
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