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NCE-Ethical Practice

Professional Orientation and Ethical Practice

ACA code of ethics (2014): five values enhance human development, embrace diversity and multicultural factors, promote social justice, safeguard the integrity of the counselor-client relationship, and to practice counseling in an ethical/safe manner.
Autonomy the notion that a client has a right to control his or her own life
maleficence the counselor never uses strategies/ interventions or other behavior that could cause harm.
beneficence the counselor practices for the good of society as well as the client.
Justice The idea that all clients are treated fairly and there is equality.
fidelity the counselor keeps promises.
veracity the helper is truthful.
PHI stands for: Public health information
Under HIPAA, PHI stands for Protected Health Information
Defamation behavior that can damage one's reputation.
Normally, you would not release a client's test or assessment result prior written consent except when there is clear and imminent danger or when legally required to do so by a government agency or a court order.
The most popular paradigm of mental health consultation has been proposed by Gerald Caplan
The doctor- patient model relies on 4 distinct stages entry, diagnosis, implementation, and evaluation
In order for the doctor-patient structure to work, the consultee must accurately depict symptomatology, trust the consultant's diagnosis, and carry out the consultant's directives. This model is associated with the work of Shein
Historically speaking, the first psychology laboratory was set up by Wilhelm Wundt, in 1879, in Leipzig, Germany.
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