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Christian Foundation

Class Final Exam

The Work of Jesus Christ has a three-fold aspect.. what are the 3 folds? Past Present Future
The Work of Jesus Christ has 3 office gifts what are they? Prophet Priest King
What is a work of Christ prophesied in Leviticus? Sacrificial system
What is a work of Christ prophesied in Psalms 22? Death by crucifiction
What is a work of Christ prophesied in Isaiah 53? Suffering Messiah
That is one of the ways Christ suffered? In himself at Gethsemini
What is a second way that Christ suffered? From Men Scourged and Crucified
What is third way that Christ suffered? From the devil leashed all hell against him
What is the fourth way that Christ suffered? Suffered from father pleased the father to crush him
That does the Greek word Telelestai mean? It is finished
What is the Greek word for it is finished? Tetelestai
What is Christ present Work? His Priesthood
Revelation 12:10 states that Satan is the ______ of the brethren who accuses the saints before God ____ and ______. Accuser Day Night
What is a new testament passage that refers to the future kingdom of the Messiah? The Lord has left the earth to receive a kingdom then return.
The Lord has left the earth to receive a kingdom and return is a parable of the _____? Minas
Angels were created before, during, or after the Lord created the earth? Before he created the earth
What is the order of the angels? Archangels Seraphim Cherubim Messengers
What is the three fold ministry of the angels? Worship Service Judgement
Although Scripture does not give a specific time to the Fall of Satan, the Bible shows us that it took place ________ God put Adam in the Garden of Eden. After
After the flood, the Nephilim were destroyed, but their spirits lingered and continued to seek a habitation. Demons are referred to as ________, seeking a body to possess. disembodied
What are 4 tile's of Angels? Watchers Hosts Sons of God Angels
This type of angel is associated with the throne and Glory of God. Each has a face of a man, a lion, an ox, and an eagle, which symbolize the saints redeemed from the earth. Cherubim
Cherubim Associated with the _____ and glory of God. Each have a face of a ______ and a lion and a ox and a _______ throne man eagle
Satan's Kingdom ________ Sin and unrighteousness Sickness and Disease ___________ Sorrow and death Darkness Deception
God's kingdom ________ Holiness and righteousness Healing and Health _________ Joy and life Light Truth
Angels are a company of ________, and not a ______. Beings Race
Satan- ________, Hater, Opponent, Enemy Advesary
What is the Greek word for Devil? Diabolos
What goes the Greek word Diabolos mean? Accuser
Prince of this world, Power of the Air- rule the ______ _______ world system
What is one of the demon spirit's activities? They pervert the Word of God and seek to hinder the Gospel
What is a second of the demon spirit's activities? They blind the minds of unbelievers
What is a third of the demon spirit's activities? They seduce people
What is a forth of the demon spirit's activities? They possess people
The _______ evolution theory hold to the theory of spontaneous generation- that life spontaneously began in a puddle of primordial soup from non-life matter. Atheistic
This form of evolution states that God used Evolution as a vehicle by which to create the earth, and then turned His back to it and let it run it's natural course. Theistic Evolution
This states that God created the world, and is the source of creation, and that he created all the angels, animals, and finally man. Theistic Creation
What are the three theories concerning man's origin? Atheistic Evolution, Theistic Evolution, Theistic Creation
What is the term used by the Old Testament writers to describe human beings? Adam
The term used in the New Testament that generally means humankind is the Greek word ________. Anthropes
What are 2 basic theories concerning man's being? The Dichotomous Theory The Trichotomous Theory
The Trichotomous Theory maintains that man is a triune being consisting of three elements _____ ,_______, _______ Spirit Soul Body
The God-conscious part of man, that is capable of knowing God is the _______. Spirit
The Self-conscious part of man, that is capable of knowing one's self is the _______. Soul
What are the 3 theories of how the soul was created? The Theory of pre-existence The Theory of Creation The Theory of Traducianism
This theory states that God created souls at some point in the past, and ever the human body sometime after conception. There is no Scriptural truth to support this theory. Theory of pre-existence
This theory states that the soul is an immediate creation of God, owing its origin to a direct creative act. In essence, a baby receives its body from its parents, but receives its soul from God. Theory of Creation
This theory states that the Body and the Soul are created by natural reproduction, and God supplies the Spirit. Theory of the Traducianism
The sense or world conscious part of a man is the _________. Body
What are 5 things the human body is designated as? House, Tabernacle, Temple, Sheath, Earthy, Humiliation
What are 5 reasons why we were created? Relationships Character Function Reproduction
It is commonly believed that this unholy union between the sons of God (fallen angels) and the daughters of man (women) produced a hybrid race called the ________. Nephilim
Man is 4 types of beings what are those? Created being Moral Being Love Being Triune Being
In order to gain a better understanding of Man, we will study the three aspects of humanity that deal with is nature. what are those three? Man's original nature His fallen nature Redeemed nature
When does Christ's future work begin? Begins at the Rapture
What are 3 things that Christ will do during his future work? The Tribulation- Judgement The Millennial Kingdom The Great White Throne Judgment
The image of God includes __________- we have the unique capacity to ___________ intelligently with God and with each other Knowledge Communicate
Human beings along in God's creation have the capacity for __________. Even when man was separated because of the Fall, the cross of Christ provided for fellowship forever. immorality
Gen 1:31 ______ was ________ (sinless)- After 6 days God said it was good Man Perfect
________ __________- Capable of choosing right from wrong- conscience was not tainted. Perfect Morality
Jeremiah 17:9 The _______ is deceitful and desperately __________. heart wicked
Because of the fall, sin and death entered into the world.. what are the 3 forms of death? Spiritual Death Physical or body Death Eternal Death
Gen 2:17- Adam did not physically die after he ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is an example of what type of death? Spiritual Death
This type of death is the destiny of all humankind, Jesus could be resurrected from it because his death was unjustly, he did not sin, so this type of death couldn't hold him.. what type of death was it? Physical or body death
Romans 6:23 The wages of sin is death, bu the gift of god is _______ life in Christ Jesus our Lord. _________ separation from God. Also known as the Lake of Fire or the second death. What type of death is this? (Hint Look at the blanks" Eternal Death
The only solution to the (fallen) nature of man is to return to God and be spiritually reborn. Apart from this, man is destined for _________. destruction
The original sin was disobedience. This shows that no matter what enviroment a person grows up in, even if it is a perfect paradise, the Nature of Man is a _______ ________ that is bent on sinning and rebellion. Fallen Nature
The Fallen Nature will _______ change in this life, until the time when we receive our glorified bodies and reside in God's presence. Never
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