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OABPOS1041 Quiz 4

OAB POS1041 Lesson 4: Interest Groups, Political Parties, and Elections

The main goal of an interest group is to influence public policy
A lobbyist is someone who represents an interest group
Which of the tactics listed below are used by interest groups to influence government? Specify all that apply. Inspiring letter-writing campaigns Making financial contributions to election campaigns Contacting government officials directly to present their views
The vehicle through which interest groups raise and spend money to influence the political process and elections is Political Action Committees
Interest groups are similar to political parties in that they work to get their members elected to government offices. False
People who belong to the same political party share a similar ideology about the proper role of government
In U.S. politics, liberals are usually associated with the _________ party, while conservatives are usually associated with the _________ party. Democratic; Republican
Who tends to be suspicious of government power, believing more government action and more government programs generally lead to increased waste and inefficiency? Conservatives
Who tends to favor more regulation of businesses, for example, raising the federal minimum wage rate in order to raise the living standard of low-wage workers? Democrats
Who tends to believe in keeping taxes low, even on rich corporations and wealthy citizens, believing low taxes are needed in order to encourage private sector investment and to spur economic growth? Conservatives
Who tends to favor greater government action and supports more government programs, believing they are necessary in order to ensure equal economic and social opportunities are available to all citizens. Democrats
Who tends to favor more restrictions on gun ownership, believing easy access to guns puts citizens in greater danger? Democrats
Who tends to support a more secular role for government, believing individual religious values should not determine government policy? Liberals
Not many Americans identify themselves as political independents; nearly all strongly identify as either a Republican or a Democrat. False
Match each of the types of elections below to its appropriate description. You must match all of them correctly to receive any points for this question. Match Question Items Answer Items C. - A. Referendum A. Voters determine whether incumbent can remain in office A. - B. Recall B. Citizens propose that a law be passed and submit it to voters for approval B. - C. Initiative C. Legislative body submits
Created by: PBSC eLearning
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