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The time of day by which assignments in Blackboard are due on their due date is 11:59 pm
I confirm that I have steady and reliable access to a computer and internet service in order to meet the online requirements of this course, which will enable me to complete the assignments by their due dates. And I confirm that my steady and reliable acc Agree
I understand that the "My Grades" link on the course menu allows me to see my grades in the course for completed assignments and the total amount of points I have earned. Agree
I confirm that I have reviewed the Course Schedule document, and I am aware of the number of lessons to be completed and their due dates. Agree
Based on what is outlined in the "Grading" section of the syllabus, I understand that my final letter grade in the course will be determined by the total number of points that I earn on assignments out of a possible 1000 total points, and that if I finish C
I understand that I do not need to purchase a textbook for this course, that I will be provided with all of the needed materials and resources in the Blackboard lesson modules. Agree
I understand that assignments and tests in this course must be completed in sequence, and that if I miss an assignment I will not be given access to the next assignment until I complete the prior one due. Agree
If a technical problem with a Blackboard function is experienced, an action that will often clear up the problem without having to seek outside assistance, is to log out of Blackboard, clear the browser's history, and then to log back in and retry the fun True
I understand that if I miss the due date of an assignment there will be a period of time during which I will be able to make up all or part of the assignment, but I realize that a late penalty will be applied to my earned score. Agree
I understand that the policy for completing past due (late) assignments and the grading penalty that will be applied is explained in the syllabus. Agree
I understand that I will be required to present a picture ID to the webcam when when I take the Midterm and Final Exams, and if I do not validate my identity using either my PBSC Student ID card or valid state drivers license, then I will receive an autom Agree
I understand and agree that if I engage in any fraudulent activity when doing any assignments or taking any quizzes or exams for this course, or misrepresenting my identity in any way, that I will be reported to the Dean of the college and I will receive Agree
I understand that there will be three class discussion assignments during this course for which I will be required to make postings by Tuesday and Thursday during the week they are due, which means that I will have to participate on more than one day of t Agree
Created by: PBSC eLearning
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