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a) Pharmacology branch of medicine concerned w. uses, effects, modes of action of drugs
b) Pharmokinetic how body handles drug & process which determine the concentration of a drug in body over time (absorption, distribution, biotransformation, elimination)
c) Pharmodynamic study of the actions of drugs on living tissues (drug effect on body - cellular level)
d) Untoward effects -undesired effects of drug on body -side effect proves harmful to pt.
e) Orphan drugs used specifically to treat a rare disease
f) Efficacy produce therapeutic effect, initiate biological activity
g) Affinity tendency of drug to combine w. specific drug receptor
h) Cross tolerance tolerance to the effects of a certain drug produces tolerance to another drug
i) Bolus single, (often times) large dose of medication
j) Cumulative action drug administered in several doses, increase effect due to quantitative buildup. May result in toxic affects from repeated use
k) Depressant medication that decreases or lessens a body function
l) Drug dependency condition which a person cannot control drug intake, may be psychological, physiological, or both
m) Habituation physical or psychological dependence of a drug. Drug is no longer taken for therapeutic effects, rather to avoid unwanted effects
n) Hypersensitivity allergic reaction
o) Refractory pts. or conditions that do not respond to a drug
p) Stimulant drug that enhances of increases bodily function
q) Synergism combined action of 2 drugs (to produce effect that neither one could alone)
r) Therapeutic action desired, intended action
s) Therapeutic dose range of plasma concentration of drug which produces desired effects without lethal toxic effects
t) Therapeutic threshold minimum effective concentration of a drug in order to cause desired response
u) Tolerance larger and larger doses of a drug to achieve therapeutic effect
v) Onset of action interval btw. time a drug is administered and the first signs of effects
w) Duration of action length of time that plasma concentration stays above the minimum effective level for therapeutic response
x) Peak concentration highest plasma concentration achieved from a dose
y) Toxic dose plasma concentration at which a drug produces serious side effects
z) Half life time required for the body to fully eliminate 50% of a drug
aa) Tachyphlyaxis quickly developing tolerance following repeat administrations over a short period of time
ab) Side effects unavoidable, undesired effects (frequently seen even with therapeutic drug dosages)
ac) Indications presenting Sx and/or Hx that supports administration of a drug
ad) Contraindications presenting Sx and/or Hx that negate administration of a drug
ae) Idiosyncrasy individual reaction to a drug which is unusually different from that seen in rest of pop.
af) Potentiation 2 drugs taken together causing one drug to increase the other
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