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Hydromorphone Dilauadid
Oxymorphone Numorphan
Pentazocine Taiwin
Meperidine Dernerol
Methadone Dolophine
Fentanyl Sublirnaze
Sufentanil Sufenta
Alfentanil Alfenta
Propoxyphene Darvon
Butorphanol Stadol
Nalbuphine Nubain
Buprenorphine Buprenex
Nalorphine Nallinie
Naloxone Narcan
Levallorphan Lorfan
Aspirin Acetylsalicylic acid
Methyl salicylate none
Diflunisal Dolobid
Phenacetin None
Acetaminophen Tempra, Tylenol
Antipyrine none
Amidopyrine None
Phenylbutazone Butazolidin
Oxyphenbutazone Oxalid
Methotrimeprazine Levoprome
indomethacin Indocin
Ibuprofen Motrin
Naproxen Naprosym
Doxapram Dopram
Phenobarbital Luininal
Mephobarbital Mebaral
Metharbital Gemonil
Butabarbital Butisol
Amobarbital Amytal
Aprobabital Alurate
Talbutal Lotusate
Secobarbital Seconal
Pentobarbital Nembutal
Thiopental Pentothal
Thiamylal Surital
Methohexital Brevital
Paraldehyde Paral
Chioral hydrate Noctec
Glutethimide Doriden
Ethchlorvynol Placidyl
Methyprylon Noludar
Acetylcarbromal Paxarel
Ethinamate Valmid
Propiomazine Largon
Methaqualone Quaalude
Flurazepam Dalmane
Lorazepam Ativan
Temazapam Restoril
Triazolam Halcion
Diazepam Valium
Chlordiazepoxide Librium
Oxazepam Serax
Clorazepate Tranxene
Prazepam Centrax
Halazepam Paxipam
Alprazolam Xanax
Meprobamate Miltown, Equanil
Buspirone BuSpar
Midazolam Versed
Fluphenazine Prolixin
Trifluoperazine Stelazine
Prochlorperazine Compazine
Thioridazine Mellaril
Mesoridazine Serentil
Chiorpromazine Thorazine
Promazine Sparine
Promethazine Sparine
Promethazine Phenergan
Triflupromazine Vesprin
Acetophenazine Tindal
Perphenazine Trilafon
Chlorprothexene Taractan
Thiothixene Navane
haloperidol Haldol
Loxapine Loxitane
Amitriptyline Elavil
Imipramine Tofranil
Doxepin Sinequan
Trimipramine Surmontil
Nortriptyline Aventyl
Desipramine Norpramin
Protriptyline Vicactil
Amoxapine Asendin
Maprotiline Ludiomil
Isocarboxazid Marplan
Pheneizine Nardil
Tranylcypromine Parnate
Trazodone Desyrel
Molindone Moban
Reserpine None
Pimozide Orap
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