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OABPOS1041Final Exam

OAB POS1041Final Exam & Course and Instructor Evaluation Assignmen

The president is able to direct the actions of the nation’s military by the ___________ power given to the office by the constitution. commander-in-chief
The “advice and consent” role of the Senate when the president makes certain appointments, or enters into treaties with foreign countries, means that the Senate must approve of the president’s actions before they can take effect. True
The Vice-President of the United States has only two constitutional duties: to break tie votes in the Senate if they occur and to assume the office of president if a president does not finish their term. True
The constitutional power of the president to pardon anyone convicted of a federal crime was originally intended as a check against potential abuse of power by the judicial branch
The federal bureaucracy of the executive branch consists of all of the following EXCEPT joint congressional committees
Every person who is elected president makes approximately ________ appointments of individuals to head the major departments, bureaus, agencies, and offices of the federal government known as the federal bureaucracy. 4,000
The Joint Chiefs of Staff is an advisory body to the president on matters of national security. It is comprised of leaders from each branch of the military
If President Trump for any reason is unable to finish his term of office, then _______________ will become president. Mike Pence
Federal judges and Supreme Court justices of the judicial branch who make unpopular decisions on important cases can be removed and replaced by the president. False
The lowest tier of the 3-tiered federal court system is the District court
The common law tradition of the U.S. legal system is also referred to as judge-made law
In the common law tradition, an important factor in how judges will rule on cases is based on the legal rationale that was used to decide prior cases, which is referred to as precedents
The power of the judicial branch to invalidate laws passed by legislatures, or to declare actions of the executive branch to be unconstitutional, is based on the principle of judicial review
Whether a court has the authority to hear and decide a particular case is based on its jurisdiction
Appellate jurisdiction means a court has the authority to hear a case for the first time and conduct a trial. False
Anyone who loses their case in a federal district court has a legal right to appeal the decision to a higher court. True
The current Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court is John Roberts
A case heard by the U.S. Supreme Court that is decided by a simple majority vote will result in a _______ decision, assuming all positions on the court are filled (no vacancies). 5-4
When a third party joins one of the sides in a case being heard by the Supreme Court and files a legal brief on behalf of that side, the brief is referred to as a(n) _____________ brief. amicus curiae
After the Supreme Court decides a case, the legal or constitutional justification for the decision is explained in a(an) written judicial opinion
When vacancies occur on the U.S. Supreme Court, new justices to fill those positions are nominated by the president and must be confirmed by the Senate
A course of action taken by the government to address a matter of public concern, such as a rising poverty rate or the threat of terrorism, is called public policy
One of the key elements of current social welfare policy in the United States is to address the problem of income security
If someone applies to the SNAP (Food Stamp) program, and in order for them to qualify they must prove their income is at or below a certain level, then it means the program is means-tested
The percent of your income that you must currently contribute individually to the federal Social Security retirement program, which is matched by your employer, is approximately 6%
The government-run health care program for low-income Americans is called Medicaid
The 2019 fiscal year of the U.S. federal government (FY2019) began on 10/01/18. True
Which of the matters below is most closely associated with government fiscal policy? Taxing and spending measures reflected in the federal budget
The goal of U.S. monetary policy, as conducted by the Federal Reserve (the Fed), is to stabilize the nation’s economy. It does this by regulating the nation’s money supply and the cost of borrowing money by adjusting interest rates
The “Fed,” which controls U.S. monetary policy, is also referred to as the nation's central bank
Because of the wealth generated by its $21 trillion national economy (GDP), the U.S. government nearly always ends its fiscal year budget with a surplus of funds. False
The U.S. government finances the national debt primarily by borrowing money through the sale of U.S. Treasury bonds
The total national debt of the United States is projected to be about ________ in Fiscal Year (FY) 2019. $23 trillion
The largest mandatory expense in the FY 2019 federal budget is ________, while the largest discretionary expense is __________. Social Security; Defense
The amount of money by which the U.S. federal government overspends in any given fiscal year budget is referred to as the annual budget deficit
Inflation is a problem that needs to be addressed by the Fed’s monetary policy when prices for goods and services in the economy rise substantially faster than people’s incomes
When the U.S. government develops strategies to protect the country from its foreign enemies, it is working on the formulation of its defense policy
The international rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union for political and economic influence around the world, which lasted for a period of roughly 50 years following WWII, created an international order known as the The international rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union for political and economic influence around the world, which lasted for a period of roughly 50 years following WWII, created an international order known as the
A U.S. leader who advocates for prolonged military intervention in foreign countries in order to help protect the United States from terrorism is someone who believes in an isolationist foreign policy. False
The U.S. war in Vietnam during the 1960s and 1970s was part of its strategy for implementing its containment foreign policy
Promoting the spread of democracy and free market economic systems throughout the world in the immediate years following the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s was the objective of President Clinton's foreign policy of enlargement
The organization responsible for planning and carrying out the attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001 was __________, which led to the lengthy U.S. military operation in ____________. al-Qaeda; Afghanistan
Official relations between the United States government and all foreign countries is the EXCLUSIVE authority of the national (federal) government. True
The part of the U.S. government that has the MOST influence over the formulation of U.S. foreign policy is the President and the executive branch
A president who orders a U.S. military combat operation overseas that lasts for 10 weeks without first getting authorization from Congress is in violation of the War Powers Act of 1973. True
The most important foreign policy tool for those who tend to agree with the foreign policy perspective of realism is a strong national military
Those who tend to agree with the perspective of foreign policy liberalism generally believe the world doesn’t have to be as anarchical as it has been throughout much of human history and instead believe that rather than focusing on the accumulation of p diplomacy
Although the level of military and defense spending by the U.S. government in the federal budget is high, it is very low compared to the total amount spent by China and Russia, who are America’s greatest rivals in international affairs. False
The U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq following the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. can be described as the implementation of a U.S. government foreign policy of anti-terrorism
Members of the U.S. government who are a part of the Department of State in the executive branch, and who are operating through embassies and consulates located in foreign countries around the world, are members of the U.S. Diplomatic Corps
If the Federal Reserve (Fed) believes the U.S. economy is growing too fast and risking higher inflation, then it could potentially slow down the growth of the economy by raising interest rates
All of the individuals but one who are appointed to the president's cabinet to run the major departments of government have the title of Secretary
U.S. Courts of Appeals, which are in the middle tier of the 3-tiered federal judicial structure, are also known as circuit courts
The current U.S. Supreme Court is known as the Roberts Court
Judges of the federal judicial branch are given lifetime tenure in their positions by the constitution in order to protect them from political or popular pressure when making decisions
Social Security and food stamps are both examples of government __________________ programs. entitlement
The ideological balance on the current U.S. Supreme Court consists of ______ members who are considered to be clearly conservative and ______ members who are considered to be clearly liberal. 5; 4
When American leaders make U.S. foreign policy, their primary concern is protecting or advancing what they believe to be in the national interest
Congress passed the War Powers Act in 1973 in order to try and take back some of its war-making authority from the presidency
Which of the following is NOT a power given to the U.S. President by the Constitution? Power to declare war against a foreign nation or national enemy
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