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Room 218

Stem List 1

Ante Before; antebellum- before war antecedent- prior to...
Anti Against; antisocial- not talkative antiaircraft- against aircraft
Bi Two; bilateral- affecting both sides bipolar- having two poles (ideas)
Circum Around; circumspect- look around circumnavigate- navigate around
Com Together; combination- the state of combing complete- having everything finished
Con Together; conjunction- the act of conjoining confederate- untied in a league
De Down; descent- a downward inclination or slope denounce- to give a formal notice of denial
Dis away; disprove- prove to be false dispute- to engage in a debate or arguement
equi Equal; Equitable- Characterized by equality Equivocate- avoid explicit language
extra beyond; extraordinary- beyond the normal extraterrestrial- beyond earth
Inter between; interstate- between highways interstellar- between stars
intra within; intrastate- within highways intracranial- within the brain
Intro into; introduce- to present introject- to incorporate into one's personality
Mal Bad; malicious- harmful malign- to speak harmfully; untruthful
Mis Bad; misfortune- bad fortune misguided- to giude wrongly
Non Not; nonprofit- not a profit nonchalant- not concerned, casual
Post After; postgraduate- a person who is taking advanced work after graduation postlude- concludeing piece or movement
Pre Before; premature- before matured predict- to guess before an event occurs
Semi half; semiformal- half formal semiannual- half yearly
Sub Under; submarine- a vessel that can be navigated by underwater subtract- a math term meaning "take away"
Super Over; supervise- to watch over superior- higher in station
Syn together; synchronize- to cause to go on; to operate syndrome- a group of symtoms that indicate a disease or condition
Sym Together; sympathy- feeling of compation symbol- somehying used to represent somthing
Tri three; tricycle- three whees popelled by pedals tringle- three-sided object
Un Not; unfit- not in shape unearned- not earned
Created by: Dezirae