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Theatre Final

Who wrote A Doll's House and when? Henrik Ibsen, 1879
Who is the main character of A Doll's House? Nora Helmer
What is the name of the husband in A Doll's House? Torvold
In A Doll's House, to whom does Nora owe money? Mr. Krogstad
Where does Torvold Helmer work? A joint-stock bank
In A Doll's House, what is Krogstad's motive of coming to speak to Nora in the first half of the play? He blackmails her in an attempt to secure his job.
What crime does Nora Helmer commit? How? Forgery. Her father died September 29th and on October 2nd she forged his signature with the wrong date.
In A Doll's House, why is Krogstad getting fired? Torvold knows Krogstad committed fraud through forgery.
In A Doll's House, what is the significance of the black cross? Dr. Rank leaves a card with a black cross to tell the Helmers he is dying and plans to lock himself up and do so.
In A Doll's House, who is Nora's childhood friend and what is her significance? Christine Linde; plot-wise, she serves several purposes. Krogstad was once in love with her and Linde uses that to convince him to come clean with the Helmers about the bond and to relieve their debt. She is also the "witness" in Nora taking the blame.
Where is A Doll's House set? Norway
What happens at the end of A Doll's House? Why? Nora leaves Torvold, her husband, to find herself. She says she has been treated as a doll her whole life.
What genre is A Doll's House? Realism
Who wrote A Raisin in the Sun and when? Lorraine Hansberry, 1957
What genre is A Raisin in the Sun? American Realism
Who is the central character of A Raisin in the Sun? Walter Lee Younger
List the Youngers and their relationships. Mama (Mrs. Younger), Beneatha (her daughter), Walter (Mama's son), Ruth (Walter's wife), Travis (Walter and Ruth's son)
In A Raisin in the Sun, who are Beneatha's suitors and what do they represent? George Richardson (class roles, gender norms, expectations) and Joseph Asagai (Africa, heritage)
What neighborhood do the Youngers try to move into? Clybourne Park
What is Ruth's obstacle? She discovers she is pregnant and considers abortion due to financial strain.
In A Raisin in the Sun, who is the visitor from Clybourne Park? Mr. Lindner
In A Raisin in the Sun, what is the primary catalyst of the story's events? Mr. Younger has died and left a life insurance check of $10,000.
In A Raisin in the Sun, what is Walter's goal? To achieve his dreams and make something of himself, namely by investing in a liquor store.
How many Broadway theaters are there? 44
What determines if a theater is Broadway or not? It has to have at least 500 seats and be located in New York's entertainment district.
Where do you get cheap Broadway tickets? TKTS
What is Broadway's nickname and why? "The Great White Way", because of all the lights
What makes a production Off-Broadway? 100-499 seats
What makes a production Off-Off Broadway? 50-99 seats
What are the two qualities of a regional theater? Professional and not-for-profit
What is the indicator of not-for-profit? 501C3
What regional theaters are there? Alliance Theater (Atlanta); Arena Theater (DC); Goodman Theater (Chicago); La Jolla Playhouse (San Diego)
What designation are unions? 501C3
What are the two tech unions? IATSE (stagehands) and USA Local 829 (designers)
How many acting unions are there? Two big ones
What acting union is located in New York? What are its primary features and attributes? Actors' Equity; professionalism and equity; benefits and fair pay
What acting union is located in LA? What is it known for? Screen Actors' Guild; Golden Globes
What is Summer Stock? May-August professional theater productions which usually take place in resort areas; not-for-profit
What large theater production occurs in Alabama? Where? The Alabama Shakespeare Festival in Montgomery
What pre-professional productions are there? Academic theater, usually colleges
What level of production is community theater? What does it rely on? Amateur; volunteers
What are the five community theaters in Huntsville? 1. Theatre Huntsville 2. Community Chorus 3. Fantasy Playhouse Children's Theatre 4. Independent Musical Theater Productions 5. Lyric Music Productions
What did realism stem from? Romanticism
What is the purpose of realism? To hold a mirror up to society
What is the goal of realism? Likeness to life
What is realism also known as? "The theater of the fourth wall removed"
What is the fourth wall? An imaginary barrier separating the world of the production from the audience
Who are the three major realists? When were they alive? Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906); George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950); Anton Chekhov (1860-1904)
Where was Henrik Ibsen from? Norway
What was Henrik Ibsen also known as? The father of realism
What two major works did Henrik Ibsen write and when? "A Doll's House" in 1878 & Ghosts in 1881
Where did George Bernard Shaw live? England
What were George Bernard Shaw's two major works? When were they written? Major Barbara in 1905 and the Pygmalian in 1913
What later work did The Pygmalian inspire? My Fair Lady
What is naturalism? theater devoid of all dramatic conventions; "slice of life"
What is the goal of naturalism? To be as natural as possible
Where did Anton Chekhov live? In what theater did he work and with whom? Russia; Moscow Arts Theater; Constantine Stanislavski
What was Stanislavski known for? Method Acting, the representational acting style
What were Chekhov's two major works and when were they written? The Seagull (1899) and The Cherry Orchard (1904)
Who were the three major writers in American Realism? Arthur Miller; Tennessee Williams; and August Wilson
What were the two major works of Arthur Miller? When? Death of a Salesman (1947) and The Crucible (1953)
What were the two major works of Tennessee Williams? When? The Glass Menagerie (1944) and A Streetcar Named Desire (1947)
What was the major project of August Wilson? Ten cycle plays, one per decade of the twentieth century, representing the African American experience
What were the names and decades of August Wilson's three most prominent cycle plays? Ma Rainey's Black Bottom - 1920s Seven Guitars - 1940s Fences - 1950s
What are the five elements of theater a critic observes? human significance, social significance, artistic quality, relationship to theater itself, entertainment value
Define entertainment. Something that holds your attention.
Created by: eatherrell
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