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4 Career Voc-your

Apprenticeship A program where a person learns to do a certain job with a skilled worker
Businesses plan A description of the goals of a businesses and how it will operate
career portfolio A collection of materials whose purpose is too show your ability to do a specific job
certificate An official document that proves you have successfully completed specific course content and have the necessary skills for that area
consumer someone who buys a good of service with the intent to use it
corporation business owned by many people but treated by the law as tho it was one person
Education and training requirements The instructional background and skills needed to qualify for employment
Entrepreneur a person who organizes, manages and assumes the risk of a business
Entry-level jobs Beginning low skilled jobs in a particular profession
Global economy Worldwide financial management system
internship a temporary paid or unpaid position that involves direct work experience in a career field
Job qualification The Education, work Experience, and other abilities required for a job
Job shadowing An informal assessment activity where ones spends several hours following a worker at the job location
License A permit to do a particular thing, or allow an activity to take place
manual labor Work performed by humans
mentoring receiving advice and direction from a person who has experience and knowledge in an area of interest
On the job training Learning on the job
outsourcing utilizing external resources to preform activities traditionally handled by internal company staff
professional relating to a specific field with a high degree of skill or Experience
self employment A person who organizes and manages their own business
specializing to employ oneself in a particular action or function
vocation An occupation one is well suited or qualified for
work ethic The rules of behavior in a workplace
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