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May 2018


Gyrfa career
eisiau want
ifanc young
agor open
swyddfa office
bob every
felly so
ffoniwch phone (instruction )
gysylltu contact
poblogaidd popular
ty bwyta restaurant
ras race
o gwmpas around
milltir miles
cyfeiriad address
diddordebau interests
profiad experience
rhan amaser part time
syniad da good idea
dysgu learn
ennill arian earn money
wrth gwrs of course
bywyd life
gallu (bod) can (be)
flinedig tiring
gweithio mewn tim work as a team
datrys problem solve a problem
dyfodol future
cytuno agree
ydw yes (I do)
Nag ydw no (I don't)
ydych chi'n...? do you...? (formal)
wyt ti'n...? do you...? (informal)
arwyddion a phosteri signs and posters
clywed hear
defnyddio use
gwasanaeth assembly
dysgu learn
dewch i... come to...
her challenge
yn y dyfodol in the future
dwyieithog bilingual