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S.S. chapter 6

chapter 6

what is double jeopardy? a defendant can not be prosecuted a second time for the same offense.
two main goals of the constitution framers? -create a government powerful enough to protect the rights of citizens-defend the country against enemies
what is the federal system of governement? it is a system that divided powers between the states and the federal governemnt
what are concurrent powers? powers that are shared by the federal and state government
what is an example of a concurrent power? taxing, borrowing money, and enforcing laws
what determines the number of representaties each state will have in the house? population and size
what is the function of congress in the federal government? they have delegated powers to deal with new or unexpeted issues. congress may "make all laws shall be necerssary and proper"
what is the vice president's role in the legislative branch? they serve as president of the senate, he takes no part in senate debates but can vote to break ties.
why did congress decide on a bicameral legislature? they were fighting about the virginia and new jersey plan, so they put them together and they got a bicameral legislature which had a senate and house of representatives, this was called the great compromise
why is it difficult for congress to override a veto? it is hard since it takes a two-thirds majority vote.
how can the president check the power of the legislatvie branch? the president proposes laws and then can either act or ignore them
what is an executive order? these commands have the power of law
define impeach vote to bring charges of serious crimes against a president
what is the judicial branch? it is made up of a sytsem of federal courts
who drafted the PROPOSED constitutional amendments that became the Bill of Rights? james madison
how can americans show dissatisfation with a law or suggest a new law? ?
what is the first amendment? it states that you can be your own religion, you have freedom of speech and press, and you also have the right to assemble.
what is a search warrant? A warrant giving legal authorization for a search.
what amendment does a search warrant go with? 4th amendment
what does eminent domain mean? The right of a government to take private property for public use, usually with the payment to the owner
describe 8th amendment? no cruel or unusual punishment
what is an "indictment"? to formally accuse a person
what type of court decides on cases where no crime has been commited? ?
descibe the 9th amendment it states that the rights listed in the constitution are not the only rights that citizen's have. it has also allowed the courts and congress to decide other basic rights of citizens
describe the 10th amendment it states that the states and the people have additional powers. these powers are any ones that the constitution does not specifically give to congress- delegated powers
how do you become a naturalalized citizen? anyone who is born in the united states or born in a foreign country are u.s. citizen if at least one parent is a u.s. citizen
how does the government enforce the idea that it's a citizens duty to know the law? the executive branch enforces the laws
describe the 6th amendment? the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial
name one required duty of a citizen fulfill civic responsiblity obey and know the lawsrespect authority and the rights of otherspay taxesprotect the nation in time of dangerserve on juries
what is the elastic clause? this clause states that congress may "make all laws which shall be necessary and proper" for carrying out its dutires
define deport to send an immigrant back to his or her ocuntry of origin
define due process the fair application of the law
define interest group a group of people who share common interests for political action?
define political action committee an organization that collects money to distribute to candidates who support the same issues as the contributors
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