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Science Comics

GRC 2019-20

How old was the mechanical monk at the Science Museum in London? nearly 500 years old!
Who wrote the prologue in the beginning of the book Sabine Hauert, cofounder and President of
Robots are currently busy exploring Mars and many other planets, True or False. False. Mainly Mars.
Robots are currently doing all but which of the following: A. Providing prosthetics for disabled persons B. Performing surgeries C. Playing soccer D. Helping farmers grow food for the whole planet D.
T or F: Some people are worried that robots can't be trusted or that they will outperform us. True
Teams around the world made up of ethicists, roboticists, governments and _______________ are asking questions today about what we want robots to do and not to do. everyday citizens.
What did Sabine Hauert study at MIT? how nanobots could be used to treat cancer
What is the name of Sabine Hauert's nonprofit organization?
What is the initial setting of the story (city, country) Tarentum, Italy
In this book the definition used for a robot says: a robot is a machine that senses something in its environment, makes a choice about what it senses and ___________________. performs an action in response.
Who invented the early robot called an automaton? ancient Greek, Hero of Alexandria
Many cars can now sense when something is near the car and decide if it's too close, and turn on lights or sounds to warn the driver. What is this called? Active blind spot monitoring
The definition of a drone is: any machine that flies or swims without a what? person on board controlling it
People still use screws in this day and age, including a kind of screw called an ________________ screw to move water up and down on its own. Archimedes
What are some examples of levers given in the book: wheelbarrows, scissors and basic lever (seesaw)
What is the name of al-Jazari's bestselling book? The Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices
Joseph-Marie Jacquard lived in what centuries? 18th-19th
What is the name of the first computer? ENIAC
Name some robots that assist us out in the world: maunufacturing robots (e.g. welding), military drones, mass spectrometers, soda drink machines, NASA rovers on Mars, bomb disposal robot, search and rescue robots, deep sea drones,
Almost all robots with limbs have a _____, like a skeleton. frame
Some robots push and pull their "bones" and some are _______, meaning they use water or fluid to push against the frame to move it one way. hydraulic
What is an example of software that is free to the public and more commonly used? A. ROS B. MOS C. DOS POS A. ROS
What is an example of a complicated, lightning fast computer language? assembler
What is in output for a robot? Way to express themselves to the world
What are examples of common robot outputs? buzzers, lights, motors, "hello world"
What is the name of the robot who can respond to distinct things by making different faces, the same way kids do? Kismet
What is an 'input'? something that tells your brain or the controller information
What is the first step in putting together an entry level robot kit? Put the pieces of the frame together.
What does an actuator do? A. allow a robot to talk B. create movement in a robot C. allow you to communicate w/ your robot D. create a new robot language B. create movement in a robot
True or False, actuators can only move in circles. False. They can move in circles or straight lines
Name a simple task that a pre-programmed robot could do. Follow a line on the ground, move in response to a sound, walk toward someone clapping
True or False: More advance robot kits allow a robot to do more than one task. True
What does a resistor do on a robot? It pushes back against an electrical current (it resists the electricity)
What does a conductor do? It helps electricity move
Fill in the blank: Electricity is like a robot's _____________ food
What does the FAA do? The part of the govt. that regulates airplanes (Federal Aviation Administration)
What is Isaac Asimov's "zeroth" law of Robotics? A robot may not harm humanity or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm
What is the name of the computer program in the Terminator franchise where robots go to war with humans? Skynet
What does "self-aware" mean in relation to robots? the program realizes it's alive
True or False, the first intelligent robots will probably resemble human form. False. They will probably be in the form of a car or a house.
Name 2 common virtual assistants many people already have in their homes Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa
What was the name of one of the first computer-controlled robotic arms designed to help people who had lost their original limbs? A. Aloha Arm B. High-Five Arm C. Rancho Arm D. Shakey C. Rancho Arm
What is the Shakey robot built in 1966 known for? A. remote controlled robotic arm B. a tentacled arm C. helping build cars D. 1st mobile robot with a visual system D. 1st mobile robot w/ a visual system
Who took the arms race a "step into the weird" when he made this tentacled arm? Marvin Minsky
True or False: The WASSUP was the 1st life-sized android that could see, move its body and talk! False. It was the WABOT-1
True or False, computers are robots. False, p. 14
True or False, some drones are robots. True, p. 16
From which country did the 1st autonomous mobile robots come from? Japan, p.23
In what century were the 1st autonomous mobile robots built? A. 1600's B. 1800's C. 1900's A. 1600's, p.23
What did the karakuri ningyo do? A. the dishes B. serve tea C. wash clothes D. walk your pet B. serves tea, p. 24-25
Which country invented automata that could write poems and draw pictures? A. Sweden B. Switzerland C. Austria D. Germany B. Switzerland, p. 27
What did Joseph-Marie Jacquard invent to change the world? programmable loom, p. 28
What does one need to do to change the pattern on the Jacquard Loom? change the card, p. 29
Which company was responsible for inventing the first computer? A. ENCBA B. ENTIAT C. ENIAC D. ABCDE C. ENIAC, p. 30
True or False, a coffee maker is a robot: True, p. 34
True or False, the military makes use of robots and drones. True, p. 35
Name at least 3 robots in your daily life. coffee maker, thermostat, drinking machine, mass spectrometer, touch activated dimmers, robot vacuum, automatic lights outside p. 34-36
What do you call a product made by humans? Handmade, p. 40
What country does the book start out in? A. Italy B. Switzerland C. Japan D. Iceland A. Italy, p. 1
What year does the book open up in? A. 350 BCE B. 350 CE C. 35 BCE D. 35 CE A. 350 BCE (BCE: Before the Common Era), p.1
What is the name of the narrator in the very beginning of the book, prior to the bird? Archytas, p. 2
How old is the mechanical monk at the museum in London? Nearly.... A. 250 B. 500 C. 1,000 D. 1,500 years old. B. 500
True or False, many people are worried about robots, that they cannot be trusted and will outperform us. True
True or False, drones are an e.g. of a robot. True
What are the 3 main parts of a robot? A. leg, arm, head B. screw, lever, arm C. hammer, arm, pulley D. pulley, lever, screw D. pulley, lever, screw
What do BOTH humans and robots do? A. talk B. have feelings C. listen D. move D. move p. 52
How do humans 'talk' to robots? via programming p. 57-59
Where does Archytas present his first flying machine? Tarentum, Italy p.1
Created by: guemesgal
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