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Ch. 12 - Bateman

Management - Ch. 12 Communicating

Grapevine Informal communication network.
Communication The transmission of information and meaning from one party to another through the use of shared symbols, where the receiver receives it exactly as the sender sends it
Formal Communication company has certain guidelines to follow, ex. meeting, memo
Informal Communication “Grapvine”, “water cooler” talk, social network
Perception What you take in. The process of receiving and interpreting information
Interpretation Sense Making
Filtering The process of withholding, ignoring, or distorting information
Schemas patterns, things that make sense
Nonverbal communication tone of voice, mannerism, body language
Upward communication info that flows from lower to higher levels in the organization’s hierarchy
Horizontal communication info shared among people on the same hierarchical level
Paraphrasing ability to repeat back what they just told you
Language diff language, acronyms, clichés overloaded of info
Media richness degree to which a communication channel conveys information
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