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PSU PLC Exam 2

EET 475 Exam 2 Material PSU

What does AOI stand for Add-On Instruction
What are Add On Instructions used f or? To create new instructions for sets of commonly used logic. This provides a common interface to this logic,
What are some benefits of Add On Instructions They allow: Reuse of Code Allow Easier to understand Interface " Can be Exported and Imported Can be Protected for Intellectual Property
The General Tab of an Add On Instruction Contains The Name, the Description, the Program Type, the revision information and the vendor information
The Parameters Tab of an Add On Instruction contain The Parameters define the instruction interface, how the instruction appears and interacts with the program when used. They contain the parameters needed when the Instruction is to be used.
The Local Tags Tab of an Add On Instruction... Defines tags that are used within the logic of the Add On Instruction, they are NOT visible outside of the instruction
What are the three types of Programming Languages allowed for Add On Instructions Ladder Diagram, Function Block Diagram, Structured Text
Can Add On Instructions be edited while online? No, Add-On Instructions can only be edited offline
Can Add-On Instructions call other routines through a JSR instruction? No they can not call other Routines, however Add-On Instructions can be Nested up to 16 levels.
In/Out Parameters are passed by _____________ while Input Parameters and Output Parameters are passed by _______________ Reference, Value
To help be sure that specific data is passed into the Add-On Instruction you can use __________________ Required Parameters
Making a parameter _______________ is useful if you do not usually need to pass the parameter value out to an argument, but you do want to see its value for troubleshooting Visible
What is the SCL instruction Scale Instruction
What are the SCL Instruction's input Parameters EnableIn, In, InRawMax, InRawMin, InEUMax, InEUMin, Limiting
What are the possible Output Parameters of the SCL instruction EnableOut, Out, (Not covered -)MaxAlarm, MinAlarm, Status, InstructFault, InRawRangeInv )
What equation does the SCL function use to convert unscaled input to a scaled value ? Out = ( In - InRawMin) *( ( InEUMax - InEUMin ) / ( InRawMax - InRawMin )) + InEUMin
If ( In > InRawMax ) Then MaxAlarm = __________ else Then MaxAlarm = ____________ True, False
If (In < InRawMin ) Then MinAlarm = ___________ else Then MinAlarm = _____________ True, False
Limiting is performed on Out when Limiting bit is set. The instruction sets Out = ____________ when In > InRawMax and sets Out = ____________ when In < InRawMin InEUMax, InEUMin
The SCL instruction is typically used with Analog input modules that do not support on board scaling to floating point engineering units
What does CPT stand for Compute Instruction
What operators are allowed int the CPT instruction + (add), - (subtract) , * (multiply) , / (divide), ABS (Absolute Value), ACS (arc cosine), AND (bitwise AND), ASN (arc sine), ATN (arc tangent), COS (cosine)... basically everything that is NOT an assignment or comparison
What does the CPT instruction do When enabled, the CPT instruction evaluates the expression and places the result in the Dest.
What are the arguments in a CPT instruction Dest, Expression
What does the ONS instruction stand for and what does it do It is the One Shot instruction. The ONS instruction limits the execution of instructions to 1 scan.
What is a force? Forces are used to override data that your logic either uses or produces
What are some things forces can be used for? Testing and Debugging Logic Check Wiring to an Output Device Temporarily keep your process functioning when an input fails
What is something to remember if forces are enabled? If forces are enabled and you install a force, the new force immediately takes effect
True or False : Removing a force on an alias tag also removes the force on the base tag True
I/O forces can be used to override... An input value from another controller ( a consumed tag ), An input value from an input device, logic and specify an output value for another controller ( a produced tag ), logic to specify state of an output device
You can force all I/O data except for Configuration Data
True or False : You can force the individual bits of of a SINT, INT or DINT? True
What is View Designer used for To Build Projects that are downloaded to an HMI device
What are the common properties for all graphic elements? Access, Angle, Enabled, Height, Opacity, Visible, WIdth, X, Y
What is the Numeric Display Graphic Element A control with built in animation properties to show a numeric value. Use the Numeric Display to show numeric data from a bound tag on an HMI Device. To do this bind the value property to a numeric tag.
What is the Rounding Field used for in Numeric Display? To specify how the numeric tag value appears when the amount of decimal places is greater than the DigitsAfterDecimal value.
What is the Numeric Input Graphic Display Element The Numeric Input Graphic element is a control with built-in animation properties to show a tag value and open the virtual keypad to change the value.
What is the Slider Horizontal graphic element , (slider vertical is the same thing just rotated) The Slider Horizontal Graphic Element is used to build an application with slider control
What are important properties of a Slider Element Value, MinValue, MaxValue, WriteMode
What is the Text Display graphic element? The Text Display graphic element is a control to show text or a string tag value. It is used to show messages and provide descriptive text.
What is the Text Input graphic element? The Text Input graphic element is a control with built-in-animation properties to show a string tag value and open the virtual keyboard to change the value. This would be used for something such as user and password entry,
The ___________________ category of the Toolbox contains graphic elements such as push buttons. ButtonsAndSwitches
What are some examples of graphic elements that can be found in the ButtonsAndSwitches category Illuminated and Non-illuminated industrial push buttons of various sizes. Also contains pilot lights and legend plates.
How do you set up a button for screen navigation? Go to button Properties, Add event and then button behavior. Choose the behavior to navigate to a user-defined screen.
Graphic elements can be made to act like buttons using... Add Event and then Touch Release event
What are the 3 methods for configuring animations? Binding Properties Using a ColorTable Using a StateTable
Describe the Binding Properties method for configuring animation... This is mainly used for something such as Numeric Display or Text Display, directly binding its value with that of a tag's. (Though binding is also required to set up a colortable or statetable)
Describe the ColorTable method for configuring animations Colortables are used for animations that include changing a graphic elements color, it is similar to a state table, but is only able to change colors.
Describe the StateTable method for configuring animations Statetables change an objects state with expressions or tag binding similarly to a ColorTable, however unlike a color table they allow for more versatility such as movement of the object. This is what would be used to make something spin, ect...
What are the 4 Programming languages that can be used with Allen Bradly PLC's (not specific to an Add On Instruction) Ladder Diagram, Sequential Function Chart, Function Block Diagram, Structured Text
What is the software used to configure drivers? RSLinx Classic Software
Created by: francisman90
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