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Renae Geo

Exam Study

What 8 countries have tested nuclear weapons in the last forty year? USA, Former Soviet Union, UK, India, Pakistan, North Korea, France, China
Where and when was the last nuclear accident? Chernobyl in 1986.
What are the 4 water scarce countries in 2025? Cyprus, Tanzania, Peru, Zimbabwe
What is one facts about global warming? The 1990s was the warmest decade for at least the past 1000years.
What is one facts about global warming? Over the past century, global average surface tempratures have increased by o.6 degrees.
What is one facts about global warming? The global average sea leavel has increased by about 10-25cm over the same period.
What is one facts about global warming? In the artic, the late summer sea ice has thinned by about 40% in the past few decades
How much toxic waste is produced globaly each year? 400 million tones
How many nuclear accidents in the past 45 years? 40 maor accidents since 1945
What 8 countries have introduced managment strategies within thier territorial waters by creating quotas that set quotason the number of fish caught commercially? Australia, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, USA.
How is water divided up on the earth? 97.5% Salt Water in the ocean
How is water divided up on the earth? 2.5% Fresh water
How is water divided up on the earth? 2% of fresh water is? Ice on land
How is water divided up on the earth? o.49% of fresh water is? Ground water
How is water divided up on the earth? o.o1% of fresh water is? From the atmosphere, rivers and lakes
Responsibilities? The obligation to be morally accountable for actions, and answerable for decitions.
Commons? Any resource which is the property of all.
Ecosystem? A group of all the plants and animals in a certain area, together with the environment to which they have adapted.
Rights? Just or fair treatment, something you are intitled to.
Effluent? Treated sewage.
Why do you treate sewage? To destroy diesease-carring organisms, reduce unpleasnt odours and rremove toxix chemicals.
Dengue Fever? An infectious disease of the tropics, transmitted by mosquitoes and causes a rash aching and joint pains/aching
Half Life? The rate that radioactivity decays.
Global Warming? The warming of the atmosphere which some scientist believe is caused by the burning of Fossil fuels.
Global commons? Global commons are the atmosphere, outerspace, oceans beyond national jurisdriction and the related environment and systems that contribute to the support of human life.
Enhanced Greenhouse Effect? Is an increase in the ability of the earths atmosphere to trap heat, warming the earth and the atmosphere.
Sewerage? The used water from a community like homes, businesses and industries.
Cholera? A Acute infectious, intestinal diesease which causes diarrahoea, and cramps which can often be fatal.
Aquifer? A Layer of rock that water can flow through; a store for underground water.
Ground water? Water under ground that has seeped through soil and rock; often used for irrigation and drinking.
Global Village? A world in which any indiviual can talk to any other, anywhere in the world.
What four things cause water scarcitiy? Low rainfall, Variation in climate, land degradation, water pollution and population growth.
What are the reasons humans are producing more rubbish? Increase in packaging because of Technology upgrades and population growth.
Created by: Renae 76