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EAQ Ch7 Comp 16

Orlando Tech College

Which book is used to compare the therapeutic efficiency of a generic medication with a branded medication? The Orange Book includes a list of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved medications along with their therapeutic equivalence evaluations
Which reference is used to determine that a generic drug is the same as the branded drug? The Orange Book is a comprehensive list of approved drug products with therapeutic equivalence evaluations provided by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Which pharmaceutical reference has five sections? Drug Facts and Comparisons has 5 sections.
Which book includes the latest Beers Criteria? The latest Beers Criteria outlines medications to be avoided or used with caution in geriatric patients. The Geriatric Dosage Handbook provides geriatric-sensitive information along with the latest Beers Criteria.
A patient reports skin rashes after using a body lotion. Which resource should the pharmacy technician use to check the safety of the body lotion? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) database provides information about the safety of body lotions, medications, and food products.
Which type of information would be provided by the National Library of Medicine database? The National Library of Medicine database provides health and medication information. It also contains a medical dictionary and encyclopedia.
Which section of the Physicians’ Desk Reference contains product information? Section 5 of Physicians’ Desk Reference contains product information.
Physicians’ Desk Reference Section 2 Contains generic names and trade names of the medications.
Physicians’ Desk Reference Section 3 Contains a product category index.
Physicians’ Desk Reference Section 4 Contains a product identification guide.
Which resource provides extra medication monograph information for licensed providers? Fingertip Formulary provides extra medication monograph information for the licensed providers.
Mobile PDR Has a pill search function that includes medication.
Medscape Mobile Is a medication reference and database that includes a drug-drug interaction checker.
Micromedex Drug Information Includes detailed information about pharmacokinetics, toxicology, and clinical teachings.
How many times a year is the journal website organized by the American Association of Pharmacy Technicians published? 6 Times a year
Which organization provides information related to reimbursement? The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services provides information related to reimbursement. CMS
Which section of the Drug Facts and Comparisons lists orphan, investigational, and temporary medications? Section 2 of the Drug Facts and Comparisons contains information about orphan, investigational, and temporary listings.
Section 1 of Drug Facts and Comparisons Contains the information about generic and trade names.
Section 3 of Drug Facts and Comparisons Contains medication monographs.
Section 4 of Drug Facts and Comparisons Contains information about medication identification.
Which electronic medication compendium is commonly encountered in retail and health system pharmacies? Clinical Pharmacology is an electronic medication compendium that is commonly encountered in retail and health system pharmacies
Which book has compilation inserts provided by the manufacturers? PDR: Physicians’ Desk Reference
Which book is updated every five years? Remington’s Pharmaceutical Sciences is updated every five years
Which journal’s website is updated 24 times a year? The of the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy (AJHP) is updated 24 times a year.
What information is provided by the Martindale’s The Complete Drug Reference? Martindale’s The Complete Drug Reference provides information on medications that are clinically used worldwide. The guide also provides information on vaccines, disinfectants, and medicinal gases.
Which pharmaceutical reference has five sections? Drug Facts and Comparisons
Which specific information is contained in section 5 of Drug Facts and Comparisons? Section 5 of Drug Facts and Comparisons consists of dosage calculations and list of manufacturers. Section 1 contains details about the generic and trade names of medications. Section 2 consists of orphan, investigational, and temporary medication lists.
Which medication reference application includes a drug-drug interaction checker? Medscape Mobile includes a drug-drug interaction checker.
Which type of binding does the American Hospital Formulary Service Drug Information (AHFSDI) come in? Hardcover, electronic, mobile app
A pharmacist teaches a technician about using Micromedex application and says, "Now use the software program to see if oxycodone is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)." Which software program would the technician use? Micromedex PDR
A pharmacist downloads a basic free medication information package onto a smartphone. Which information would the pharmacist have access to? Downloadable medication databases and other reference materials such as Epocrates provide information on medication interactions, resource centers, and medication and study updates.
Which information does the American Drug Index provide Normal laboratory values of medications, pronunciations of medications, and look-alike and sound-alike medications
The senior pharmacy technician asks the pharmacy technician trainee to look up information about parenteral nutrition in the NeoFax software of the Micromedex Healthcare Series. Which specific information does the senior pharmacy technician require? Dosing information
The pharmacy technician checks the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval status of psychotropic medications. Which Micromedex Healthcare Series software is the technician using? Micromedex Healthcare Series PDR
The pharmacy technician trainee is referring to The Red Book to answer a patient’s queries. Which information search by the trainee indicates a need for correction? Section 10 of the Red Book includes information related to drug interactions. Therefore, the pharmacy technician should refer to section 10 to address the query, "Is it safe to take the herb with milk?"
The pharmacy technician needs to find a medication price, generic version, and manufacturer of Tenormin. Which resource should the technician use? Drug Topics Red Book
The pharmacy technician is preparing to dispense radiopharmaceuticals and medicinal gases. Which book should the pharmacy technician refer to for further information? Martindale’s The Complete Drug Reference
What information is located under the abbreviation HRI in the Drug Topics Red Book? The abbreviation HRI stands for Health-Related Item. The HRI section provides information about non-medication items required in the treatment of a patient.
The pharmacist is teaching a new technician about the use of drug information references. Which statements made by the technician indicate the need for correction? A technician should not tell a patient about a drug’s side effects and should not provide information about drug dosing to a patient. The drug compatibility information should not be provided by the technician.
The pharmacist is teaching a new technician about the use of drug information references. Which statements made by the technician indicate the need for correction? A technician should be familiar with the official labels of the product and be adept at using basic pharmacy drug references.
A pharmacist instructs a technician to use a software program to obtain information about the health and safety of hazardous pharmaceutical products. Which software program should the technician use? Pharmaceutical SDS has safety data sheets that include information about the health and safety of hazardous or dangerous pharmaceutical products
A pharmacy technician has to dispense angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors. Which medication should the technician pick from the rack? Catapril The generic names of the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors end in –pril : Beta-blockers end in –olol: Calcium channel blockers end in -dipine
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