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Learn Pokemon Moves

Pikachu Gigavolt Havoc
Squirtle Water Gun
Charizard Flame Thrower
Bulbasaur Vine Whip
Cyndaquil Ember
Alolan Ninetales GX Ice Path GX
Lycanroc GX Lycanfang GX
Xerneas BREAK Life Stream
Ekans Poison Sting
Voltorb Self Destruct
Mewtwo Zen Blade
Rayquaza Dragon Pulse
Decidueye GX Hollow Hunt
Silvally GX Rebel GX
Snorlax GX Pulverizing Pancake GX
Lunala GX Lunar Fall GX
MEGA Gardevoir EX Despair Ray
Kyogre EX Giant Whirlpool
Glaceon EX Crystal Ray
Flareon EX Blaze Ball
Vaporeon Hydro Splash
Eevee Baby-Doll Eyes
Turtonator Heat Blast
Created by: atk2026000042