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Death Be Not Proud (in his Holy Sonnets) if they ask about a metaphysical poet then it is probably this guy John Donne
To His Excellency, George Washington and On Being Brought From Africa to America Phyllis Wheatley
Thanatopsis William Cullen Bryant
To a Waterfowl William Cullen Bryant
Annabel Lee Poe
The Raven Poe
The Bells Poe
Concord Hymn Emerson
To a Skylark Percy Shelley
The Song of Hiawatha Longfellow
Paul Revere Longfellow
Evangeline Longfellow
Questions about this poet normally reference Minnehaha in about clue 4-5 (just before the giveaway clue) Longfellow
The Wasteland TS Eliot
Old Ironsides Oliver Wendell Holmes
The Chambered Nautilus Oliver Wendell Holmes
Snow Bound Whittier
Howl Ginsberg
O Captain! My Captain! Whitman
I Sing The Body Electric Whitman
Song of Myself Whitman
When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom Whitman
Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard Thomas Gray
Ode on a Grecian Urn Keats
Because I Could Not Stop For Death Emily Dickinson
I Heard A Fly Buzz When I Died Emily Dickinson
Casey at the Bat Thayer
The New Colossus (clues typically use the lines: Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free) Emma Lazarus
Song of the Chattahoochee Lanier
Ode to a Nightingale Keats
Paradise Lost John Milton
Richard Cory Robinson
Miniver Cheevy Robinson
Chicago Sandburg
Faust Goethe (Ger-tu)
The Love Song of J. Alfred Pufrock TS Eliot
Ode to the Westwind Percy Shelley
The Charge of the Light Brigade Tennyson
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The Cantos Ezra Pound
The Red Wheelbarrow William Carlos Williams
Fire and Ice Frost
Mending Wall Frost
The Road Not Taken Frost
The Death of the Hired Man Frost
Birches Frost
He read "The Gift Outright" at JFK's inauguration Frost
Daddy Plath
Ode to Joy (poem) Schiller
The Tyger Blake
The Faerie Queene Spenser
Decameron Boccaccio
Tintern Abbey Wordsworth
My Last Duchess Robert Browning
anyone lived in a pretty how town ee cummings
The Weary Blues Langston Hughes
The Negro Speaks Hughes
Rape of the Lock Pope
Second Coming Yeats
Easter, 1916 Yeats
Ozymandias Percy Shelley
To His Coy Mistress Marvell
Dover Beach Matthew Arnold
Ulysses (poem) Tennyson
Metamorphoses (poem) Ovid
Dulce Et Decorum Est Owen
These two together combined to create the collection "Lyrical Ballads" Wordsworth and Coleridge
Created by: coachewalker
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