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Psych Exam 2

hope this goes well

twins that show a greater than 10% weight difference at birth are called discordant
the person who came up with the phrase "trial and error learning" was edward t
our entire genetic code is called our genome
very very strong norms are called mores
children learn many social behaviors by imitating parents and other models this is called observational learning
we are about 50% different than bananas about ___% different thatn chimpanzees 1.6
acting and behaving consistent with out values is called cognitive consistency
anything that decreases behavior is considered punishment
wanting what someone else has and not wanting them to have it is called covet
the most addictive reward schedule is a varied rate
behavior that ends and then it reappears ten years later is called spontaneous recovery
olfactory smell
which countries offer the greatest gender equity regarding jobs northern europe
____ is any physical or vernal behavior intended to hurt someone physically or emotionally aggression
when a flood of hormones triggers a period of dramatic physical change it is called adolescents
scientists have id nearly ___ genes when a girl experiences menarche 250
always remember that nature and ___ interact nurture
t or f both males and females prefer someone who smells good true
a person who has both male and female characteristics is androgenis
for many people biological sex and gender coexist in harmony. biology draws the outline and ___ paints the details culture
t or f young men and young women are indifferent regarding the person they date if they have a sense of humor false
t or f dizygotic twins are more similar to each other than their siblings false
females and males are very similar but one way they differ is that as children women play in small groups men play in larger groups
suppose someone is shut out from a group or is hurt by gossip when this occurs it is called ___ aggression relational
an unsmiling interviewer oozes self confidence and independence and also maintains steady eye contact is this person male or female male
your biological status defined by your chromosomes and anatomy defines your sex
melatonin is secreted from the pineal gland
self esteem is similar to males and females true
____ _____ theory assumes that we acquire our id in childhood by observing and imitating other gender linked behaviors and by being rewarded or punished for acting certain ways social learning
this is a generalization but the heriability ratio of being wight is about 70%
when cancer moves around the body from one spot to another it is said to be matatisize
our entire genetic info present n each of our cells is called our DNA
t or f our kidney cells have more genes than our skin cells false
2 major methods that scientist use to explain individual differences among human beings they are twin studies and adoption studies
the social expectations that guide men and women are called our gender roles
in the US today woman are in about __% of the work force 50
when people and animals cannot avoid unpleasant situations they are most likely to display learned helplessness
the intial learning of an association is called acquisition
BF Skinner is to _____, as Ivan Pavlov is to ____ operant conditioning, classical conditioning
anything we learn is secondary reinforcer
any consequence that decreases the frequency of a preceding behavior is called punishment
"so far as I know, my behavior at any given moment has been nothing more than the product of my genetic endowment, my personal history, and the current setting." said by Skinner
positive helpful models are called ___ models prosocial
knowing your way from your bedroom to the kitchen in the dark is an example of latent learning
if we preform an immoral behavior our conscience can become dulled because of cognitive consistency
"give me a dozen health infants well formed and my own specified world to bring them up and I'll train them to be any specialist I might sleect" James Watson
t or f it is really good and wise to reward individuals intrinsically motivated false
ab means away from
having a diagnosis of being mentally challenges is determined by a ____ method of abnormality statistically
the highest person in the medical model is the MD
the main reason the DSM exist is for 3rd party players
L on the MMPI stands for Lie
the number for generalized anxiety disorder is 300.02
another name for bad breathe is halitosis
another name for predisposition is diethysis
i know something about you and you know I know it and we are both thinking about it at the same time but not talking about it existential truth
getting is someones space can result in a ___ anxiety ora
What is meant by a statistical abornmality not seen often in society
Created by: alexs13
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