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The Kidneys sit (where) in upper part of abdominal cavity? Posteriorly
Which structure/bone are the kidneys largely protected by? Lower ribs
The primary purpose of the kidneys is ......... Homeostasis of the blood
Which organ does the kidney work with to purify the blood? Liver
The kidneys are central in regulation of what? Blood pressure
How much of Cardiac Output (Q) passes through the kidneys? 20-25% of Q passes through kidneys
The renal arteries are ....(size)... branches of which vessel? Major branches of the Aorta
Filtered blood is delivered back centrally in to the (name vessel)? Inferior vena cava
The kidney also fine tunes the balance of what? Essential salts in the blood
The kidneys also eliminate excess.... Fluid/waste product being urine which drains down to the bladder
Where is the blood filtered? The glomerulus
What is the glomerulus? How does it operate? A ball of capillaries that operate via hydrostatic pressure
How does hydrostatic pressure work in glomerulus filtration? The outgoing arteriolar is smaller than the incoming one
Which parts of the blood are pushed through the glomerulus? Where do they go? Through to bowman capsule
Where is the glomerular filtrate collected? Bowman’s capsule
The amount of blood filtered through the glomerulus is called the Glomerular filtrate rate (ultrafiltrate)
What measurement is commonly used as a marker of kidney function? GFR glomerular filtrate rate (ultrafiltrate)
What is not filtered out in glomerulus? Blood cells and larger proteins are left in the blood
Blood in the arteriolar passes alongside/winds around nephron for what reason? To allow reabsorption of what the body needs, I.e glucose, salts, water and Essential compounds such as HCO3 bicarbonate
What is the loop of henle A Long u shaped portion of tubule that conduction urine within each nephron
What is the main function of the loop of henle? The principle function of the loop of Henle is to recover water and salt/NaCl from the urine. This function allows production of urine that is far more concentrated than the blood, limiting the amount of water needed as intake for survival
What is another name for the loop of henle The nephronic loop
What is a nephron? A functional unit of the kidney containing glomerulus /loop of Henle etc
How do the kidneys increase BP? Tbc
How do the kidneys lower BP? TBC
What detects the BP changes? TBC
What makes mamalian kidneys different to non mamaLs Mamals contain loop of henle for improved reabsorbtion. the rest of the structure of the nephron is seen in all vertebrates
Created by: Debohack