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PTCB Study Quiz

Orange Tech Avalon

Which condition is a potential side effect of taking dopamine antagonist, which results in unwanted, involuntary rhythmic movement? Tardive dyskinesia
Which classification states that a product with a strange color or taste will be recalled according to FDA requirements? Class 3 (lowest) products have a minor defect or other condition that would not harm the patient but that prevents the drug from being sold
Which technique used in compounding describes the mixing of two ingredients of unequal quantities? Geometric dilution is the technique for mixing two ingredients of unequal quantities, whereas one begins with the smallest quantity and add an equal quantity of the larger amount until all ingredients are used
Which of the following is not a potential cause of medication error? The physician is not a part of the types of medication errors
Which of the following methods should be used in recapping a needle if necessary? The one hand scoop method is used is needle needs recapping. Needle should remain attached to the syringe and placed in a red sharps container. Needles should never be bent or directed toward the body.
A pharmacy technician needs to be aware that which of the following medication needs a patient package insert (PPI)? Albuteral is a metered dose inhaler that requires that the patient receive a patient package insert
Which of the following is a type of inventory required by the Drug Enforcement Agency of all controlled substances every 2 years? Biennial inventory are conducted every 2 years of all controlled substances.
Which of the following part of Medicare is a health plan offered by private insurance companies? Medicare Part C or Advantage Plan contracts with Medicare to provide Part A and Part Benefits through HMO and PPO.
The National Council for Prescription Drug Program created standards for electronic exchange of health information, which includes the following except? Pharmacy Informatics focuses on using information technology and drug information to maximize medication use.
What is the generic name for the drug Cytomel? liothyronine
A prescription is written for Tenormin 50mg tablets. How long should this prescription be kept on file? Tenormin is a legend drug and the prescription should be kept on file for 2 years.
Which method is used to prepare capsules? The punch method is used to prepare capsules by punching the open end into dry powder until filled. Wet, Dry and Beaker methods are used to prepare emulsions.
Which of the following is an error that is caused by the prescriber? Physicians sometimes use abbreviations that are not approved or may be misinterpreted. Do Not Use list and ISMP Error Prone Abbreviation list. Sound alike, transcription and misinterpretation are errors caused by the pharmacy.
When performing hand washing, hands should be washed for a minimum of? Hand washing should be done vigorously, making sure to include forearms to elbow for a minimum of 30 seconds with antimicrobial soap and water before donning gloves.
A pharmacy receives a prescription for Pilocar 4% Eye Drops #15ml, i gtt both eyes bid. How many days will this bottle last? Using the converting factor of 20gtt per ml. Multiple 20 x 15 = 300. Divide product 300 by 4 = 75.
Which of the following represents the cost the pharmacy paid for the medication? The actual acquisition cost is what the pharmacy paid for the medication. DAW is dispense as written and are used for brand name medication; MAC is maximum allowable cost is used in calculating the reimbursement formula for generic medication.
Which of the following can be flagged or alerted using patient monitoring functions? Therapeutic duplication identifies medications with the same indications or in the pharmacological class. Date written, brand/generic and drug classification are used to track prescriptions.
Which of the following is the maximum dose for aspirin in an adult? 4000mg or 4gm per day is the maximum adult dose and is used to treat pain, fever and inflammation. Many physicians prescribe 81 to 325mg per day for antiplatelet effects.
Which of the following containers protects the contents from other solids? A well closed container protects contents from solids under normal conditions. Light resistant is used to protect from the effects of light. Tamper evident is used to seal that containers. Tight container protect from contamination by liquids.
Which type of medication order may be filled or administered when a patient requests it? As needed orders are filled or administered when a patient request it, but there may be limitations.
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