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Italian III QuizBook

A growing list of all required vocabulary

dovere to have to
devo I have to
devi you have to
deve he/she has to
dobbiamo we have to
dovete you all have to
devono they have to
devo fare i compiti I have to do my homework
dobbiamo finire cena we have to finish dinner
dovete imparare l'italiano you all have to learn Italian
devono stare zitti they need to be quiet
deve chiudere la bocca he/she needs to close their mouth (slang for be quiet)
finche` until
oppure or
sia...sia... both...and
mentre while; meanwhile
hai mai visto? have you ever seen?
ho gia visto I already saw
l'ho gia visto I already saw it
conoscere to know (a place or person); to be familiar with
truccarsi to put on makeup
spettacolo a show
mostra an exhibit
interessi interests
volentieri galdly
di dove from where
la`/li` there
poco little
cosi` so
sopra above
intorno around
dopo after
sotto under/underneath
cosi` tanto so much
A lui chiedo una domanda - I ask him a question
Gli chiedo una domanda - I ask him a question
esprimere to express
accordo agreement
disaccordo disagreement
indecisione indecision, uncertainty
a me piace tantissimo I like it A LOT!
andare in vacanza to go on vacation
per fare niente to do nothing
Created by: Andre Berardi