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Italian II QuizBook

A growing list of all required vocabulary

dovere to have to
devo I have to
devi you have to
deve he/she has to
dobbiamo we have to
dovete you all have to
devono they have to
devo fare i compiti I have to do my homework
dovete imparare l'Italiano you all have to learn Italian
devono stare zitti they need to be quiet
devi dormire di piu` Tyler! you need to sleep more Tyler!
deve chiudere la bocca he/she needs to close their mouth
i miei pantaloni my pants
la sua gonna her skirt
i vestiti the clothes/clothing
il cane mangia la scarpa the dog eats the shoe
lei compra gli stivali she buys the boots
ho un serpente nello stivale I have a snake in my boot
c'e` there is
ci sono there are
truccarsi to put on makeup
fare una doccia to take a shower
dobbiamo prendere via garibaldi we need to take Garibaldi street
dritto straight
destra right
sinistra left
vado a Giovanni I'm going to Giovanni's
sono da Laura I'm at Laura's
sono di Roma I'm from Rome
abitiamo a Roma we live in Rome
questo e` di Giovanni this is Giovanni's
siamo a casa we are home
incrocio intersection
semaforo traffic light/stoplight
strada street
ponte bridge
cattedrale cathedral
fontana fountain
sapere to know
io so I know
tu sai you know
lui/lei sa he/she knows
noi sappiamo we know
voi sapete you all know
loro sanno they know
direttore director
avvocato lawyer/bloodsucker
poliziotto policeman
idraulico plumber
postino mailman
pagare to pay
pago I pay
paghi you pay
paga he/she pays
paghiamo we pay
pagate you all pay
pagano they pay
cercare to look for
cerco I look for
cerchi you look for
cerca he/she looks for
cerchiamo we look for
cercate you all look for
cercano they look for
giocare to play ( a sport or game)
gioco I play
giochi you play
gioca he/she plays
giochiamo we play
giocate you all play
giocano they play
davanti - in front of
di fronte in front of
accanto a next to
dietro behind
tra between
Created by: Andre Berardi



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