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U13 Voc CMS 7 Eng

Unit 13 Vocabulary Cullman Middle School 7th Grade English

agitation a violent stirring or movement
blurt to say suddenly without thinking
chronological arranged in order of time of occurrance
countenance a face, facial expression; to tolerate or approve
diminish to reduce in size
enchant to please greatly
fluctuate to change continually
foster to bring up, to give care for; to promote, to encourage
grovel to humble oneself; to lie face downward
handicraft work done by hand; a trade requiring hand skill
hilarious extremely funny; causing loud amusement
ignite to set on fire; to heat up, excite
magnitude the great size or importance of something
massive large and heavy; great in size or scope
maternal of or like a mother
pall to lose in interest, attraction, or effectiveness; to become tiresome
reputable well thought of, having a good reputation
revere to love and respect deeply, honor greatly
saga a narrative of heroic exploits; a long detailed account
stodgy dull; boring; old fashioned; lumpy; thick
Created by: aimee.smith