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Geo Test Oct. Gr. 9

What is sustainable development? Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
What is the principle of sustainability? To live and develop according to the principle of sustainability means to raise living standard without harming the environment.
What is a surplus? When quantity supplied is greater than quantity demanded, (exes, extra, more than needed)
How does surplus impact society? Specialization of jobs and labor--->extra resources leads to jobs, jobs lead to social class, art, etc.
What is the first stage of human society development? Hunters and Gatherers
What occurred during the Hunters and Gatherers stage of human society development? -They hunted, gathered, and fished -Food supply was not reliable -the was a small number of people (which = high carrying capacity, very large area) -Population change wasn't significant
When did the Hunters and Gatherers stage occur? From the neolithic period of 10,000 BC onward until the period of sedentism
How many people were there 100,000 years ago? 5 million
What was the stage in between Hunters & Gatherers and the Agricultural Revolution? Sedentism
What occurred during sedentism? -Very low population & life spans -Starvation -People were staying in one place
What was the 2nd stage if human society development? The Agricultural revolution
What occurred during the Agricultural revolution stage of human society development? -It started out badly and people were mostly on the edge of starvation a lot of the time -farming eventually became a successful activity -there became a surplus -once they leaned how to properly cultivate land they began living better lives
What did the surplus during the Agricultural revolution lead to? Surplus (trade, jobs, government, etc.) = wealth = kingdoms = expansion = colonization
What did the Agricultural Revolution lead to? (food surplus) It lead to a more reliable food supply, which in turn lead to longer lives and better health, which lead to job specialization, the beginning of towns and cities, trade, and writing, which lead to the growth of society
What was the first tool in the Agricultural revolution? A handheld wooden plow
What was the time frame of the agricultural revolution? 0 (Roman Empire)- 15th century
What was the 3rd stage in human society development? The Industrial Revolution
Was there a lot of population growth during stage 3? Yes
What occurred during the industrial revolution stage of human development? -Muscle power turned into machine power -steam engines were created which required a coal supply -supply and demand of products and resources -textile manufacturing -Capitalism!
What was the time frame of the industrial revolution? From 1700s onward
What happened after stage 3? Post Industrial stage (1900s onward)
What are 2 of the most important inventions from stage 3? The steam engine The electrical telegraph
Why was the steam engine so important? -It created more efficient ways to produce products all around the world in all kinds of industries -Was the prototype for all modern steam engines
Who created the steam engine and when? Steam engine was invented by Thomas Newcomen in 1712
Who improved and created the most recent design for the steam engine and when? James Watt improved the original concept in 1775
Why was the Electrical telegraph so important? -It sparked the telegraph era -Advanced international communications and kickstarted the beginning of the -advancement of communication and knowledge
When was the electrical telegraph created? -Created in the 1800s -Was a gradual process of different scientists discovering the elements of the machine -The language was created by Samuel Morse
What is globalization? Long term charge towards international cooperation in expanding and trading tech, economics, politics, knowledge, products, culture, ideas, business, etc.
What are the five types of globalization? -Economic globalization -Technological globalization -Cultural globalization -Sociological globalization -Political globalization
What is Economic globalization? Countries helping each other through trans-national globalization -Free trade, free market economy, access to foreign markets -The USMCA
What is Technological globalization? People are more available to communicate internationally through cell phones, wifi availability, etc. created and in different countries
What is Cultural globalization? The exchange of people and skills in art, culture, food, etc.
What is Sociological globalization? -How we see the world and people in different countries -Imposing values and ideas onto people from different countries, traditions, history, etc.
What is Political Globalization? -Common policies on trade, agriculture, and regional development -The EU, G7, The UN
Which countries are in the G7? Canada, The US, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan
How are countries interdependent/interconnected when they are in treaties? Both sides depend on each other and have to follow through on agreements
What is the driving force of any immigration? The standard of living
What is standard of living caused by? Social and economic development
What are measures of economic development? -GDP per capita (gross domestic product per head) (profit per person) -Oil consumption per capita -HDI -Internet users per 100,000 people --> availability of internet + tech for all people
What are measures of social development? -Universal healthcare -Free education -Civil liberties -Life expectancy -Infant mortality rate -Length of maternity/paternity leave
What is the difference between social and economic development? Social developments are things that are provided by high economic development, and economic development is caused by profit, people, and products
What is the HDI (Human development Index)? -created to emphasize that people's lives and capabilities should be how a country's development is measured, not by economic growth alone -a measure of achievement in elements of human development: long + healthy life, knowledge, and stranded of living
What are the indicators of the dimensions of the HDI? Long/healthy life: Life expectancy at birth Knowledge: Expected years of school + means of schooling Decent standerd of living: GNI per capita
What does USMCA propose? -New policies on labor -New policies on environmental standards -Intellectual property trade
Created by: Abby Jayden S.
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