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history test 1234

study 4 my test

who was the well known teacher and philosapher confuscis
first emporer of china shih huang ti
itaian who traveled to china and began trade with Europe Marco Polo
Missionary martyrs in communist China John and Betty Stam
Father of faith missions Hudson Taylor
ruler who united the fierce mongol tribes Tojo
Opened Japan to foreign trade Commodor Matthew Perry
Emperor of Japan during World war 2 Genghis khan
Powerful Japanesse General duriing world war 2 Hiroto
China got its name from this dynasty Chin
who were the first to discover and use silk Chinese
What is the main food crop in China Rice
What is a building or tower often several stories high with each story having its own roof sampan
What river did the ancient chinese develop their civilization on indus
What country is know for its bullet train Opan
WHat mountain in japan is most famous for its landmark Mt. Fiji
What is the only manmade structure visible from space Great wall of China
WHat is the longest manmade waterway in the world the grand canal
Where did the first atomic bombs ever dropped land on what cities in japan Hiroshima and Nagasaki
What is the longest chinese ruling dynasty han
The dynasty under which china grew to its greatest size Chow
Who invented the first paper and first paper money Chinese
Where is the home of CHinas giant pandas Bamboo forest
What is the largest empire in history Mongol
land route developed for trade between china and the roman empire great silk road
the largest island in the world iceland
only southeast asian country never to come under european rule Thailand
Which country is called land of the rising sun Japan
What is the worlds most northern desert the mongol
what is the capitol of China Beijing
What is the capitol of North Korea Tai pei
What is the capitol of SOuth Korea seoul
What is the capitol of Japan Tokyo
What is the capital of Taiwan Bangkok
What is the capitol of singapore Singapore
What is the capital of the phillipines Manilla
What are two kinds of small boats in china's waters Junk ships and sunkans
Where Chiang kai shek and his supporters settle when they left communist China Taiwan
What is the largest city in the world Tokyo
Which half of korea remained communist after the war North Korea
What southeast asian island is the third largest in the world Borneo
What group of islands were known for many years as the spice islands or the east Indies Indonesia
Who was the leadder of the first republic of CHina Sun yat san
WHo led the chinese nationals Chang shi shek
Who led the communist chinese mousi doung
in 1989 a group of chinese met in this place to plea for more freedoms Tiannamen square
how many countries in the world are larger than china two
Created by: hcookie
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