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PSY 101 Ch. 1

Study Guide for Chapter 1

What is a discipline? A field of study
How do you know if a discipline is a science? Not by WHAT it studies, but by HOW it studies it.
Is Psychology an academic discipline? Yes. It studies the nature of being human
Is Psychology a science? Yes. It uses the method of scientific inquiry to research human conduct.
What is the Method of Scientific Inquiry? The scientific method is a way to ask and answer research questions by making observations and doing experiments.
Why Study Psychology? In order to better understand, explain and facilitate human conduct.
What is Psychology? A scientific study of behavior and mental processes
In the history of psychology there are three major paradigm shifts: First we study the mind, then behavior, and cognition
The saying “mind over matter” reflects a philosophical view that the mind and body are separate. This view is called ________, which is associated with __________. dualism; Descartes
“By constructing introspection experiments, his aim was to understand the most basis elements of the mind. He wanted to do for psychology what he did for chemistry, lectures a professor. To whom is the professor MOST likely referring? Edward Titchener
Which statement BEST expresses the aim of functionalism? It seeks to understand the purpose of the mind.
How many grand theories are there in psychology? 8
What are the grand theories? Psychoanalytic, Behaviorism, Humanistic, Cognitive, Evolutionary, Biological, Sociocultural, Biopsychosocial
Who founded Psychology? Wilhem Wundt
The process psychologist use to conduct research is called _____________, which leads to what kind of evidence? the scientific method; empirical
Descriptive statistics: present a set of data
Inferential statistics help researcher determine the probability of future occurrences. In this way, inferential statistics help psychologists attain the goal of: explanation
Which step in the scientific method is CORRECTLY paired with its corresponding activity? Analyzing data – The researcher determines whether the results support the hypothesis.
Three major research designs Descriptive, Correlational, Experimental
Descriptive What it is
Correlational Relationship, or association, between variables
Experimental Cause & Effect
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