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Pharmacy Math

Orange Tech College Avalon

Beyond Use date (BUD) Daye assigned by the pharmacy to reconstituted or repackaged meds, so you know when to dispose of.
Diluent Agent that dilutes a substance; Water, alcohol
Solvent A fluid used to dilute another fluid
Elixir Sweetened, flavored medication dissolved in a mixture of alcohol and water
Expiration Date Date assigned by the manufacturer, medication beyond use
Graduates Containers, calibrated in the metric system, used to measure liquids
Lyophilized Freeze dried
Meniscus Curved line that develops on the surface of liquids to measure them, always read at the bottom of the curve at eye level
Powder volume space occupied by the powdered active ingredient; to the total volume after reconstitution
Displacement Value measurement of the amount of active substance that displaces the liquid diluent
Reconstitution Process of adding fluid, to a powdered form of medication
Solution Dosage form in which medication is completely dissolved in the liquid
Solute Substance that is being dissolved: powdered medication
Suspension Dosage in which small particles of meds are dispersed throughout the liquid: most requires shaking before dispensing
Syrup Aqueous solution sweetened with sugar or a sugar substitute to disguise taste
Auxiliary Label added to RX bottle with supplementary instructions
Dosage Strength Weight of medication in a dose
Generic Name official non-proprietary name approved for drug use by the U.S> food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Indication Reason to prescribe a med
Inscription part of RX containing med name, dose form, strength, and quantity
Medication order Doc's written or verbal order for administration of medication in inpatient healthcare setting
Pharmacokinetics Movement of drugs through the body: absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion
Pharmacotherapeutics Uses and effects of drugs in TX of conditions and diseases in the body
Prescription Written order by licensed healthcare provider for dispensing medication
Scheduled Medications Classification of meds, CI, CII , CIII, CIV, and CV
Signa (Sig) Part of an RX that gives directions for PT, How, how much, when and how long
Subscription contains instructions for the pharmacists on how to compound
Superscription designated by RX, meaning to " Take this drug"
toxicology Study of adverse toxic reactions or toxic levels of chemicals and drugs
Trade/Brand Name Proprietary name given to a medication by the manufacturer
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