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network terminology

network interface a counter component that provides a port where a net work cable can be connected
network cable a cable that provides connectivity between network devices a common network cable connects a computer network interface with a jack wall
wall jack a devices,usually located on a building wall, provides a port (usually rj-45) where a net work cable can be connected. on the hidden side of a wall jack is wiring to patch panel or to a net work device
local area network a grope of networks computers that are physically close together ,usually in the same building
wide area network a network interconnected lans across a large geographical location
client server model a computational model where computers servers supply network and computational services (such as email,file sharing , online gaming and VoIP that
file server computer that provides email services to a network access to shared disk storage
mail server a computer that provides email services to a network
web server a computer that stores web pages and hypertext documents and transmits them devices requesting these pages
database server a computer that stores database,which are huge repositories of organize data
gaming server a computer that provides a gaming environment that tracks in multiplayer
modem short for modulator modulator/demodulator a net work device that converts digital signals used by modern networks to along signals that are typically carried by telephone are cable TV lines
router a network device that moves traffic within an ip
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