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Span test 4


aprpvechar(se) de to take advantage of
aumentar to increase
desvelarse to stay awake all night
disminuir decrease
madrugar to get up early
mejorar to improve
ponerse el dia to catch up
realizar to accomplish, or fulfill a goal
tener exito to be successful
trabajar como una mula to work like a dog
agobiado overwhelmed
agotado exhausted
angustiado distressed
animado in good spirits
desanimado bummed
desconsado rested
dispuesto a willing to
entusiasmado enthusiastic
estresado stressed
harto fed up
lasta las narices fed up to here
quemado burned out
renovado renewed
vago lazy
aliviar to relive
cargar las pilas to recharge ones batteries
charlar to chat
disfrutar de to enjoy
entretener(se) to entertain ones self
estar de buen/mal humor to be in a good/bad mood
pasarlo bien/mal to have a good/bad time
reunirse con to get together with
tener mucha marcha to have a lively social scene
bromear to joke around (practical joke)
levantar el animo to life the spirits
reirse a carcahadas (me rio..) to laugh out loud
sonreir(se) to smile
tomarle el pelo a alguien to pull someones leg
la broma practical joke
el chiste joke
la risa laughter
chistoso funny
comiquisimo hilarious
entrenido entertaining
de mal gusto in poor taste
el/la aguafiestas party pooper
el bienestar well being
el chisme gossip
el espectaculo show/preformance
la madrugada early morning
los ratos libres free time
la resaca hangover
el recreo recreation
Que lo pase/pases/pasen bien! Have a good time!
Que se divierta/te diviertas/se diviertan! Have a good time!
Como lo paso/pasaste/pasaron? how was it? Did you have a good time?
lo pase muy bien/de maravilla/fatal I had a great time/a blast/a terrible time.
Created by: Emagdnim613