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Art Appreciation Mid

American Gothic by Grant Wood Utilizes vertical lines in pitchfork, house siding. Signifies power, stability, and strength. Shows stability of farmers after WWII and identifying farmers as backbone of US
CLAMP Comic Book Page Diagonal lines communicate action and dynamic movement. Breaking of frame communicated exciting scene
Woman Seated in an Armchair by Henri Matisse Uses dark contour lines and pen and ink. No shadows or shading
Vertigo by Mel Bochner conceptual artist, used ruled lines in the work Vertigo; seems to contradict the use of regular line for control w the hectic crossing and overlapping of lines. Demonstrates regulation and control
Automatic Drawing by Andre Masson Demonstrates freedom and passion through organic line.
Fountain by Marcel Duchamp He repurposed the object to reflect a different meaning than its intended purpose, not used in a bathroom anymore 3. The object raises the question about "what is art" - can anyone make art?
Venus of Willendorf Statue some considered art while others not because this was used for everyday life and served a purpose of a fertility figure or charm. emphasis on female anatomy.
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse by Albrecht Durer Woodblock print created by gluing 4 layers of wood together to prevent splitting, low relief, Durer made process popular in Germany
Hollywood Limousine by Stanley Donwood Linocut- done by carving into the surface of linoleum then printing the raised surface left behind.
Five Women in the Street by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner woman on right is a man, used only side profiles and green/yellow hues to convey mysterious emotions to convey issues with modern society depiction of prostitutes conveys prevelence in Berlin, green skin, plumage = birds of paradise?????
Woman and Child by Kitagawa Utamaro Represents Japanese woodblock print by emphasizing patterns, non-descript backgrounds, contour lines, multiple colors, and everyday life. Influenced Europe Art
The Fitting by Cassatt Represents Japanese woodblock print by emphasizing patterns, non-descript backgrounds, contour lines, multiple colors, and everyday life. Influenced Europe Art
The Horse in Motion by Eadweard Muybridge artist experimented with animal motion hired by governor of california to settle a bet that horses hooves were all off the ground at the same time
Annabelle Serpentine Dance by William Dickson shows color, 1st hand tinted movie, colored on the film
A Trip to the Moon by George Melies moon people portrayed in line with ethnographic museums, wear masks, move weird, scientists are scared, one is brought back and dances in parade, scientist is praised, expressed to be entertainment for others. Strengthens idea of hierarchy and racism
The Couple in the Cage by Coco Fusco Connects to Melies by relating to Christopher Columbus and the use of ethnographic museums that housed items and body parts of colonized people. created categories of people, resulting in hierachy. View genitals for $, lead on leash
An early daguerreotype by Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre Daguerreotype- 1 shot, unique image created by treated metal plate and heat. First form of photography. Represents still life therefore art
Boulevard du Temple, Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre Daguerreotype- 1 shot, unique image created by treated metal plate and heat. first form of photography Only 2 people seen in shot because exposure time is about 10 min. Demonstrates decreased exposure time and perfecting process.
Oak Tree in the Winter by Henry Fox Talbot Calotype- light and exposure is flipped, introduced negative, dark areas block light and white areas allow light to shine through. Allows multiple images to be used, quality not as crisp as daguerreotype so not as popular.
Cystoseria granulate by Anna Atkins Cyanotype- doesn't use a camera, image is always blue. Covered parts remain white and UV turns exposed paper blue. Atkins is botanist and used art to identify plants
Angel of the Nativity by Julie Margaret Cameron Albumen print- always sepia brown color, created for viewer, not everyday life. Face is detailed and background is blurred, claiming is as fine art. One of first form of photogaphy as an artistic form by demonstrating artist's hand
The Steerage by Alfred Stieglitz used fuzzy backgrounds to show artist altered image, viewers focus attention to certain parts of the image and eyes follow a path all around image. Artist approached image as representative of formal properties of art but public actually took it as a stat
Pepper by Edward Weston played with abstract still life bell pepper looks animated and distorted
Innocence by Alfonse van Besten Autochrome- color is dull and oversaturated with yellow, relates to botany and representation of hierarchy of genres- highest form of art strictly bc of alegorical subject matter
A Harvest of Death by Timothy O'Sullivan and Alexander Gardner photojournalism- tells news story through photos. civil war is first war to be photographed, blurred edges to look like fog and create earie, horizontal and vertical lines lead eyes back to seemingly endless field
The Two Ways of Life by Oscar Gustav Rejlander photocollage- collage of images all taken by artist, 30 different images pieced together to look like a painting, argued that photography is art
Cut with the Kitchen Knife by Hannah Hoch Photomontage- collage of images from several sources, Hoch makes name, images come from popular culture = fine artand recognizable images . known-visual language makes humerous criticism. kitchen knife refers to female role in kitchen. antiwar
Horizontal line symbolizes? calm, peace, passiveness
Vertical line symbolizes? strength, stability, authority
Why is watercolor considered a drawing?
What is haussmannization? Larger cultural impact? creative destruction of something for the betterment of society
What is Japonisme? Larger cultural impact? Characteristics on woodblock prints? the influence of japanese characteristics, used non-descript background, everyday subject matter, patterns, color, and contour lines
How were early films colored? How were moon people represented in a Trip to the Moon? What were early films interest in as a subject matter? Colored on the film, portrayed as animals, people were interest
What were ethnographic museums? What is this pseudoscience and why was it used? Which 2 films reference? use of creating hierarchy of cultures, based off of false info, categorized groups of people by putting them on display and measuring bodyparts, reinforces racism
What does the debate art vs. science have to do with photography? How do Pictorialists identify art as high art? What artist rejected position of curator? Argued that photography was art due to still life, blurred background, and alegorical scenes, Stieglitz rejected position
Why was autochrome not a popular technique? Which 3 colors? oversaturation of yellow and dull colors, used RYB
3 Types of photographic processes? How do they differ? Daguerre- one unique copy, calotype- light and exposure is flipped, cyanotype- no camera, exposed paper turns blue
4 printing techniques? What artist made printmaking popular in Germany? Woodblock, Linocut, engraving, and drypoint. Albrech Durer
What printing technique was referenced in Five Women on the Street? woodcut?
How did Japanese prints include multiple colors? used a separate relief block for each color
What is a monoprint? one of a kind image from polished plate
Created by: allisonepp
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