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Pharmacy Operations

Chapter 15 Orange Tech Avalon

An Association of Pharmacists, Pharm students, techs that practice in hospitals, health care and home health; advocating patient safety and improve medication use. ASHP
Electronic dispensing system ADS
A preventable event that may cause or lead to inappropriate medication use or patient harm Medication Error
An organization that offers national certification for pharmacy techs in the United States PTCB
Establishing systems for ensuring quality control of a product Quality assurance
The use of established systems to ensure quality of a product Quality control
Changes in the roles of both pharmacist and technicians are changing the way a pharmacy manages______________ tasks and patient care. Daily
To meet the demands of a patient's overall wellness, today's pharm techs must understand not just their place in the pharmacy, but in the overall ___________ systems as well. Healthcare
Pharmacist and techs must work as a __________ team and integrate pharmacy, wellness, and disease prevention services with other health care providers. well organized
An independent organization that strives to insure quality, safety, and benefit meds and dietary supplements by setting standards and certification processes. United States Pharmacopeia Convention(USP)
Methods used by pharmacy, medicine, nursing, and other allied health professionals to prevent medication errors. Medication error prevention
The last opportunity to check for accuracy of prescriptions and verify patient info is performed at this area of a community pharmacy. Pick up area
To help verify a patient's info what type of question needs to be asked? Open ended question
what area in an institutional pharmacy performs data entry and answers questions from other health care workers? CPOE area
What three things benefit the use of NDC technology? Meds can be tracked, Med errors can be avoided, Drug diversion can be avoided.
Areas of hospital departments that are stocked with pharmacy inventory. MED/SURG, OR, EMS
An inventory pharmacy tech is responsible for ? Daily inventory control, Pricing and negotiation, Formulary control
What is the result if a workflow in the pharmacy is constantly interrupted? Inventory won't get ordered, errors would occur, pharmacists would miss counseling sessions
Pharmacy layout should incorporate a design that provides the most ___________ use of work space and allows workflow to run smoothly. Efficient
Satellite pharmacies will usually have their own tech and pharmacist who work in that area ________ with the health care team. directly
Bar coding and NDC ________ are key to ensuring quality and accuracy. technology
Code drugs are _________ with ready to inject syringes and bags of IV fluids are items normally kept in EMS and code carts. packaged
Often a community hospital may house a special section for the ___________ in case of disaster. community
All areas of a pharmacy must coordinate items that are required for ordering with the __________ technician or department. inventory
Layouts of facilities, utilization of educated and trained techs, and standards of practice established provide solid foundation for ___________. success
Familiar with DME and bill for DME supplies Durable and non durable medical equipment area
Identify patients who require counseling from the pharmacist Counseling and pick up area
New prescription entry Data entry area
Focus on the customer Store front and OTC area
Prep of compounds Reconstitution and compounding area
Package of 30-day supplies in a blister card Long-term care packaging area
Order inventory and stock supply room Inventory area and store room
Fill orders manually and deliver to requesting department Filling area with pick-up window and pneumatic tube
Stock supplies for central supply and EMS Stocking area for nonclinical area for other departments such as central supply or EMS
Store antibiotics, maintenance meds, and batteries for public emergency Emergency or disaster medication supply room
Maintain a formulary of stocked items in the ADS Automated dispensing area
Specially trained personnel prepare aseptic products IV room area
Help maintain storage and inventory for controlled substances Narcotics area
Stock and replace OR trays and crash carts OR tray and crash cart restocking
Repackage bulk medications to unit dose Repackaging area
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