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Primary Activity

What fraction of india's people depend on farming? Two thirds
What is the main purpose of these Farms? The main purpose is to provide food for the farmer and his family
What are indias most important crops? Cereals such as rice, wheat, barley and millet
Why are cash crops so crucial to India? They are sold as exports and assist the country's international balance of trade
What types of cash crops are being sold? Tea, coffee, tobacco, sugar cane
What does double cropping mean? This means two crops are produced each year
What factors influence farming in India? Climate, Population etc.
What type of climate does India have? India have a monsoon-type climate
What crop is dominant in North West India? Millet
What weather does this crop thrive in? This crop thrives in dry conditions
What are the mean temperatures in India? Hovering between 20C and 30C
What size of population do India have? India have a huge population of over one billion people
What has become of the high population? It has given rise to intensive subsistence farming
Created by: nathanh441