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bus mang

Conceptual skills Ability to understand how the parts of an organization are interrelated
Controlling monitoring the work effort/make sure the goals are being met; measuring employees’ performance, identifying problem areas, and making corrections when necessary
Directing providing guidance to workers and work projects
Executive management a management team is generally a team of individuals at the highest level of management of an organization who have the day-to-day tasks of managing that organization
Financial resources Can include money owed to the business by its customers
First-line management Level responsible for the day-to-day activities of employees who carry out the business’s routine work
Goals broad, long-term outcomes
Human resources People who work to produce goods and services
Information Facts, statistics, and opinions that can be either internal or external in nature
Interpersonal skills Ability to communicate and build relationships with others
Management Process of coordinating resources to accomplish an organization’s goals
Management function Managers perform a wide variety of activities that fall within 4 primary management functions: 1.Planning 2.Organizing 3.Leading 4. Controlling
Manager Individual who carries out management functions
Material resources Equipment and supplies required to produce and/or sell products
Mid-level management Level responsible for tactical planning and implementing top management goals
Organizing setting up the way the business’s work will be done
Planning deciding what work will be done and how it will be accomplished
Resources human resources, financial resources, material resources, and information.
Staffing helps the business to find employees who know how to do the necessary work/deciding what skills will be needed in the future/assigning new employees to specific work areas and determining compensation for workers
Strategic planning organizational management activity that is used to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations
Strategies a plan of action
Supervisory management The action of overseeing and managing employees in the workplace
Tactical planning carried out by middle and front-line managers, is short-range planing, typical covering a period of one or two years
Technical skills Understandings of and proficiency in the performance of specific tasks.
Top-level management Level responsible for goal setting and strategic planning
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