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Retail Pharmacy EAQ

Chapter 8 Comp 15 Orange Tech Avalon

Which information requires the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) number in the prescription? Prescriber Information
Which part of the prescription contains the names and quantities? Inscription
Which information requires the National Provider Identifier (NPI) number in the prescription? Prescriber Information
Which part of the prescription includes the direction for compounding the medication? Subscription
Which container should be used to dispense otic medication? Dropper bottles
Which rejection code would the pharmacy technician receive in the case of an invalid group number in the claim form? 6 : A pharmacy technician or pharmacist would receive a rejected claim form back if the information is incorrect.
A patient visits the community pharmacy and has the covered prescription benefits for his or her spouse. While verifying the coverage criteria, which information should the pharmacy technician check in the prescription drug card? Person Code
Which part of the prescription should the pharmacist technician check to find out the specific pharmacist’s instructions? Subscription; The subscription provides specific instructions to the pharmacist about how to compound.
What is the metric volume equivalent of 1 pint? 480 mL
The patient asks the pharmacist about the meaning of the term a.s. What does the pharmacist tell the patient? Place in left ear
Which statement is true regarding the nonsterile compounding area? A sink with cold and hot running water is required by law.
Which task would require collaboration between the pharmacy technician and the pharmacist? Patient counseling; If a patient has questions about his or her medication, the pharmacy technician should promptly inform the pharmacist and both professionals.
What does the prescription term "q*" mean? every
What is the household equivalent of 30 mL? 1 fluid ounce
Which part of the prescription is represented by the symbol Rx? Superscription; The superscription is the heading of the prescription. This section is represented by the Latin symbol Rx, which means "take thou."
The pharmacist instructs a pharmacy technician about how to mix ingredients and make a dosage strength that is required for the patient based on the physician’s order. Which prescription information is being communicated? Subscription
Which other term refers to the name of the prescription? Superscription
A pharmacy technician dispenses 1000 mL of an intravenous drug for a patient and the nurse has to administer 500 mL to the patient per day. What is the days' supply of the drug? Record your answer using a whole number. ____________ days Days' supply = 1000 mL/ 500 mL = 2 days The total is 2 days.
A patient is prescribed an inhalation drug, inhale two puffs by mouth twice a day. The pharmacy technician dispenses an inhalation container that has 200 puffs of the medication. What would be the days' supply of the medication?. ___ ____ days Days' supply = (200 puffs)/(2 puffs x 2 times) Days' supply = 200/4 Days' supply = 50 days
The pharmacy technician is dispensing sulfa antibiotics to a patient. Which auxiliary label should the pharmacy technician use? May cause sensitivity to light
A patient is prescribed a multivitamin oral supplement. The signa says, "Administer 1 tablespoon, two times a day." How many mL of the medication will the patient take per day? Record your answer using a whole number. ____________ mL 30 mL
A pharmacist is calling a help desk to discover more information about claim rejections, payment statuses, and pharmacy specific inquiries. Which information is the pharmacist asking? Prescription adjudication
A novice pharmacy technician is being trained about prescription information. Which statement about the signatura needs further correction? "The signatura consists of directions to the pharmacist or pharmacy technician." "The signatura includes the street address, office telephone number, and zip code of the physician."
A pharmacy technician in a community pharmacy receives a prescription order that has ophthalmic, nasal, and otic preparations to be dispensed. Which container would the pharmacy technician choose? Dropper bottle
The pharmacy technician finds that the total amount of medication in the container of a meter dose inhaler is 200 inhalations and the days' supply as 40 inhalations. What would be the number of puffs that should be inhaled by the patient each day? Days' supply = Number of inhalations per container ÷ Number of inhalations breathed in each day. 40 puffs = 200 puffs ÷ Number of inhalations breathed in each day Number of inhalations breathed in each day = 5 puffs
A patient is prescribed azithromycin (Zithromax) 500 mg, 1 tablet two times a day. The pharmacy technician gives the patient 10 tablets. How many days’ worth of the medication supply has the patient received? Days' supply = 10/2 Days' supply = 5 days
An older patient with hearing impairment who is dependent on speech reading visits a community pharmacy to refill a prescription. Which action performed by the pharmacy technician would be most suitable for the patient? Standing 4 feet away from the patient, and speaking slow while facing the patient so they can see what you are saying.
Which statement is true about reconstitution in a community pharmacy? Distilled water is used to reconstitute oral liquid antibiotics.
A patient is prescribed 10 mL b.i.d. of a medication. How many teaspoons of the medication should the community pharmacy technician instruct the patient to take in a day? The patient should take 10 mL, which equals 2 teaspoons, twice a day. The total is 4 teaspoons per day.
While dispensing drugs, a pharmacy technician uses an auxiliary label that states "Do not drink alcohol." Which drug class does this label apply to? Narcotics
The primary health-care provider has prescribed an anticoagulant to a patient. The pharmacist has cautioned the patient to not take aspirin unless prescribed. Which medication was prescribed? Warfarin
The pharmacy technician is using the dispense as written (DAW) code for a prescription. What is the rationale behind this action? It helps to reimburse properly for the medication that was dispensed.
According to the Controlled Substances Act, which schedule of drugs is unlikely to be made retrievable by a red C stamp? Class II
Patient is prescribed eye drops (two drops in each eye, three times a day). The pharmacy technician dispenses a 10-mL bottle of the medication. What would be the days' supply of the medication? Days' supply = (20 gtts/mL x number of mL)/number of drops instilled per day Days' supply = (20 gtts/mL x 10 mL)/(2 drops x 3 times) Days' supply = (20 gtts/mL x 10 mL)/6 drops Days' supply = 200/6 Days' supply = 33.3 days
The pharmacy technician is dispensing a medication with a written code 4. What is the rationale behind this action? Substitution allowed if the generic drug not in stock
Pharmacy technician identifies that the prescriber’s ID is invalid and the drug is not covered by the patient’s insurance carrier. Which prescription claim rejection code could be given in this situation? 25 is used when the prescriber’s ID is missing or invalid. Rejection code 60 indicates that the drug is not covered by the patient’s insurance carrier.
A patient visits a community pharmacy and orders prescription drugs that are covered under an insurance plan. Which number should the pharmacy technician verify on the patient’s drug benefit card Group number; A group number should be verified by the pharmacy technician if the purchaser says that he is covered under an insurance plan.
A patient orders a prescription that is in the form of an ointment. Which type of container would the community pharmacy technician use? Applicator Bottle or Tube
A prescription was submitted electronically to a pharmacy store for reimbursement. The prescription claim was rejected and the rejection code used was 5. What is the rationale behind this action? Missing or invalid pharmacy number
Which organization addresses health literacy issues? American Medical Association (AMA)
The primary health-care provider prescribes 2 fluid ounces of an intravenous medication to a patient. How much of the medication (in milliliters) should the nurse administer to the patient? 1 fluid ounce = 30 mL; therefore, the nurse should administer 30 mL x 2 = 60 mL of the medication.
The pharmacy technician is verifying the Bank Identification Number (BIN) on the prescription drug card to ensure the patient’s prescription reimbursement. How many digits should it contain? 6 digits
The pharmacy technician dispenses behind-the-counter (BTC) medications to a purchaser. What are the appropriate instances that needed to be considered? A. The purchaser may purchase up to 3.6 g per day. The purchaser must buy products that contain pseudoephedrine from a seller under the supervision of the pharmacist. The purchaser needs to provide identification, and be over 18.
Which equipment would be considered durable medical equipment? Commodes, beds, canes, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs.
The pharmacy submits a prescription to the payer and receives notice that the prescription claim is rejected. The payer sends the rejection codes 60&9. What does the pharmacy technician infer from this? The claim has an invalid DOB. The drug is uncovered benefits by the drug plan.
A physician authorizes the dispensation of a generic drug. The pharmacist identifies that the drug is not available in the market. Which written code should be used in this situation? A. When a drug can be substituted but is not available on the market, the written code used should be DAW 8
A patient is prescribed an oral suspension. The signa says, "Take 1 teaspoon b.i.d. for 7 days." What is the total quantity of the medication (in milliliter) that the patient will receive? The patient will receive 2 teaspoons, which equals 10 mL per day. Hence, the total quantity of the medication that the patient will receive over 7 days is: 10 x 7 = 70 mL.
Which prescribed drugs would require a preauthorization before dispensing? Clozapine, isotretinoin, and thalidomide would need a new handwritten prescription or special processes for dispensing. These are REMS meds that require labs.
A caregiver asks a pharmacy technician to follow certain techniques while addressing a patient. Which action indicates ineffective implementation? Professional jargon may be difficult to understand and should be avoided. The pharmacy technician should avoid using words with more than one meaning so that the patient does not get confused.
A physician has prescribed 10 mL ophthalmic drops to a patient to take two drops per day. What is the day’s supply that has to be dispensed by the pharmacy technician to the patient? Days supply= (20 gtt/mL x Number of mL) ÷ Number of drops instilled per day. Since the dosage of ophthalmic drops is 10 mL and 2 drops a day, the equation becomes: Day’s supply = (20 gtt/mL x 10 mL) ÷ 2. The answer Is 100 gtt.
A community pharmacy has acquired a contract for providing services to a long-term care facility that serves the community’s residents. Which actions are pharmacists allowed to make? A. Packing and Labeling RX, Repacking and labeling RX’s, and returning meds for reuse.
The pharmacy technician must calculate the day’s supply of a dispensed medication. The day’s supply is four pills and the total quantity taken per day is two pills. 2
Which two organization’s guidelines describe the conditions and practices needed to process compounded sterile preparations (CSPs) that are established by USP797? American Society of Health Systems (ASHP) and National Coordinating Committee on Large Volume Parenterals (NCCLVP)
A patient visits a community pharmacy to purchase a controlled substance. Which information on the prescription should the pharmacy technician verify? NPI number, DEA number and State medical license number in some states.
Five components of communication The sender transmits a message to another person. A message may be information. The receiver receives the message from the sender. Feedback receiver communicates understanding of the message. Barriers affect the accuracy of the communication.
A pharmacy technician dispenses a medication order to a patient. The patient asks the pharmacy technician, "What does ‘take the drug with aq, mean’ in the prescription?" How would the pharmacy technician explain? You have to mix the meds with water.
A pharmacy technician dispenses a 20-day supply of an inhalation medication prescribed to a patient. The signa says, "Inhale 2 puffs, three times a day." How many puffs does the inhalation container have? 20 = Number of inhalations per container/2 puffs x 3 times Number of inhalations per container = 6 x 20 Number of inhalations per container = 120 puffs
What is is true about the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA)? The Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) requires the pharmacist to dispense a prescription in a container. With Childproof lids.
A patient who is prescribed optic drops . The patient tells the pharmacy technician that 10 mL of the medication was completed in 20 days. What was the number of drops instilled per day by the patient? 20 = (20 gtts/mL x 10 mL)/Number of drops instilled per day Number of drops instilled per day = 200/20 Number of drops instilled per day = 10 drops
A physician has prescribed a 120 metered dose inhalation product to a patient who requires 2 inhalations each day. What is the day’s supply that has to be dispensed by the pharmacy technician? Divide 120/ 2, the day’s supply is 60.
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