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5.6C-Light (reflection & refraction)

Prism A solid glass or plastic object that light can pass through that refracts light and splits it into the colors of the rainbow.
Refraction The bending of light rays, bending light means that it changes direction and/or speed. (bending of light)
Kaleidoscope A tube with mirrors and colorful beads or glass inside of it, when the tube is held to the eye and rotated, patterns can be seen as the objects reflect off the mirrors.
Laser Device that makes a strong, narrow beam of light.
Mirror Smooth surface that reflects an image of what is in front of it.
Telescope An instrument that uses lenses and sometimes mirrors to make distant objects appear larger by gathering and focusing light.
Lens Piece of clear material, such as glass or plastic, that bends light rays as they pass through, can either focus or spread light rays.
Light Spectrum The small part of the electromagnetic spectrum that the human eye can see including the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet.
Magnify To cause to appear larger.
Reflection The bouncing off of light rays from the surface of an object such as a mirror or other shiny surface. (bouncing of light)
Light Energy Radiant energy from the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we can detect with our sense of sight.
Battery, Source, or Cell A device that makes electricity by using chemical reactions, stores energy until it is needed.
Closed or Complete Circuit A complete electrical circuit or path through which electricity or current can pass or flow.
Open or Incomplete Circuit A circuit or electrical path that is broken or incomplete so electricity can’t flow through it.
Conductor Material that allows electric current or thermal (heat) energy to pass through easily.
Straight Light always travels in a ____________ line until it strikes an object.
Created by: Science STAAR